Saturday, November 20, 2010

School Pictures

Okay, these were too hilarious not to post. The kids look surprise, frightened, and/or like they might be pooping their pants in their first ever school pictures. The one above was the "best" one of the bunch.

Marie looks very uncomfortable with the poses.
Will, of course, is my little poser.

Marie's face cracks me up in the one above. She's like, "what the eff is going on here?"

Abby is most likely to have had a butt explosion during these pictures. Look at the way she's kind of hunching over. That look of hers says, "I'm pushing one out and not to be bothered." Really, quite a Kodak moment.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blast of winter

We got some cold weather which gave us an excuse to bundle up the trio and take cute pictures.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

November Updates

So, for some reason, the way pictures post is now different on the blog. Weird. Sorry if the caption that goes with the picture doesn't match up. I'll try to get this figured out.

Can you see the knot in Abby's hair? She twists and twists her hair to fall asleep, and the result is usually several knots. I've had to cut them out of her hair a few times. Her crazy hair is just getting crazier. She'll wake up, touch her hair, and say, "Abby nudo." Nudo is knot is Spanish.

Michele takes them out walking on their backpack leashes. It's so funny to watch them. I've tried, but they get all tangled up. It's like a pack of wild dogs. I guess Michele is the baby whisperer who can keep them all from getting mixed up.

Above left is the kids at the table drawing. They really like this, but we must use washable markers. It's quite a disaster! They had so much marker all over them after this activity that when I put them in the bath, the water turned grey from all the colors mixing together. Yuck.

Above right is Will removing his sock with his teeth. Nice. What wonderful manners.

Above left is Marie giving herself a yogurt facial. This is currently the latest trend in our house. Another favorite is the oatmeal facial. These treatments keep their skin young and wrinkle-free. It also keeps their hair dirty and crusty.

Here they are looking out the window at the "munkas," which is what they call chipmunks. Michele also set up a bird feeder off the deck, and they watch the "tweet, tweets" (birds) come and go all day. Lots of entertainment for them!

Look how incredibly helpful they are in the kitchen. They like to dry the tupperware that never gets dry in the dishwasher. This is just the first level of training for the chores they'll have to do in the future. Enjoy it now while it's fun!

Baby Jake

My kids love baby Jake! They beg to kiss him, hold him, and squeeze him--sometimes a little too hard. Look how excited they look to hold him. Also, notice that he is a giant baby!!! He looks like he's crushing them.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a happy 2010 Halloween! Titi came to town to join us for trick or treating, and Mimi came over to help the kids select the best (i.e., chocolate) candy at each house.
This year, they actually went to doors and said "treeck a tree" and "happy hallowee." Very cute! They were also very nice and thanked everyone who gave them candy. Will would linger at the door at every house as if waiting for an invitation to go inside. Will also would just drop his candy bag all over the place, and Abby was always running around picking it up and bringing it back to him.
If you can't tell from the pictures, Abby was a monkey, Will a dragon (but we told him it was a dinosaur because he doesn't know what a dragon is and it's close enough), and Marie a butterfly, or "futterfly," as she calls it.
The picture where they are all in a truck is at our neighbor's house. He has a pickup truck, and when it goes by every night, the kids say, "big truck." Some evenings, we walk up to the cul-de-sac for them to say goodnight to the "big truck." They love that. They were thrilled when Gene (our neighbor) asked if they wanted to get in his "big truck."
They don't really eat a lot of candy, but I let them each have a little something after we got home. I've never seen 3 kids devour M&Ms the way they did. It was like it was the most amazing thing they had ever tasted. Then, they kept wanting "mas." I had to cut it off. It was bedtime. They didn't go to sleep until nearly 10 p.m. that night. Oh well, it was worth it for all the fun they had!