Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Big News out of the Zeigler House!

No, I'm not pregnant! Our exciting news is that we are going to be on TV! Really, we are. I applied to be on a show called Mega Dens on the DIY Network. Billy and I are a little obsessed with DIY Network, HGTV, etc. Well, I noticed on their website that the show Mega Dens was casting in Atlanta so I sent in an e-mail. I thought nothing of it, until one of the producers contacted me. Then, she came to our house, and she brought the show's hostess and carpenters. It was crazy. Then, she asked a bunch of questions about us. She pitched us to the network, and they liked us. Really, what's not to like? So, starting May 2nd, our house will becoming an official construction site. It's insane!

They will only take 1 week to convert half of our lower level (living room/playroom, family room, and sun room) into a Mega Den!!! It's going to be a crazy week, but at least it will be a quick renovation. They said to be prepared to have 15 cars up and down our street, tents set up in the yard, and tons of people working from early in the morning until dinnertime every day.

I'll post pictures throughout the process so you can follow along. Our episode will air in October. We'll be the first show of season 2! Make sure your DVRs are working.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Having a bad hair day? Can't decide how to tame your mane? Well, pigtails are always an option. Girls always look good in pigtails.

Marie's pigtails remind me of those Papillon dogs with the big ears. Her hair is super thick and straight and long.

Don't worry, even boys can pull off the pigtails look. Will is a classic example of how to look manly with pigtails in your hair.

All 3 together. I can never get a good one, but this is as close as possible. Is Will's finger in his nose? If not, he's about to put it there. For some reason, when I say picture time, he thinks that means, pick your nose time. Nice.

Friday, April 8, 2011

So fresh and so clean clean

After baths a couple of weeks ago, Billy picked them all up wrapped up in their towels and deposited them in bed. They looked so cute all bundled up and lined up next to each other that I couldn't resist getting a couple of pictures. I wish I could make the pictures scratch and sniff because they smell so good when they are fresh out of the tub. There's nothing like clean baby smell!