Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on Jake

He's doing well! He has a new name "Jakob" (with a k not c), which is the German spelling. I changed it in the previous post to reflect this new name, and his middle name has switched to Mitchell. Now, they both get it their way. Alice wanted Jake and Kibby wanted Mitch. Everybody's happy with this new name, and I can stop referring to him as Weenus. Incidentally, I didn't know what Weenus meant, and Billy informed me that Wiener + Penis = Weenus. Good stuff.

Jake is supposed to come home tomorrow. Alice was released but stayed in a "transition" room at the hospital. This is where the place parents that have babies in the NICU the night before releasing the baby.

Alice decided not to have her tubes tied with the c-section. Baby Wager #3 may be just around the corner!! My poor dad already is maxed out with his babysitting responsibilities. How is he going to keep up with this baby boom???

Friday, July 23, 2010


Jakob "Jake" Mitchell Wagner
6 lbs, 3 ounces
18 inches

Alice's baby decided to make an early appearance. Alice's water broke around 4 a.m. yesterday...just a few short hours after his crib had been assembled. She had a c-section later in the morning.

When I arrived at the hospital, Drew said the baby was going to be named Mitch, but by 3 pm, his name changed to Jake. I think that will stick. If not, we'll refer to him as Weenus Jacob Mitchell. Perfect!!!

The little guy is having some trouble breathing so he'll be in the NICU for a few days. It's either an infection, underdeveloped lungs, or fluid in the lungs. They are all very treatable conditions. He sounded like a little kitten when he cried. So pitiful!!

Congrats to the Wagner family!!!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday Party and After-Party

We didn't get many pictures at the birthday party because it was total insanity, but we think some other folks may have, and we hope to get those soon.

Here we are with the cake. Mems had a cake made with all their favorite things on it - Elmo, Dora, and Trucks! Wow. Thanks, Marmie!
Marie and Abby wore the cutest the little dresses. We love Corinna Couture. If you are interested, check out her stuff at:

Thanks for our dress up clothes, Aunt Liane. This boa was shedding feathers like crazy, but the kids enjoyed wearing it!

Abby couldn't take the heat anymore. She stripped off her party dress outside, sat on the cooler, and picked her nose.

Here is Will amidst 1/10th of the birthday party gifts. Thank you to everyone! They loved everything.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Career Tracks

What will the kids be when they grow up???
Three little chefs? This was taking at their twin cousins' "make your own pizza" birthday party.

Abby and Marie like to dress up as ballerinas. Maybe that's what they'll do! I always loved ballet.
Wait, perhaps Will wants to be a ballerina. This is a dress up outfit that they received as a gift. Rose wanted to put it on Abby or Marie when she was visiting us last week, but neither one of them wanted to wear it. Will gladly stepped up and offered to play dress up. He said, "aqui, aqui" ("here, here") and pointed to himself when the girls said, "no." Sweet man!

They may be gymnasts! They have this trick where they hang on to the edge of the table and swing back and forth. They are strong...and daring. Very scary combination.

Will is also considering a future in the construction business. I guess he would have to be a ballerina on the weekends if he chooses to do both.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Will-boy model

We did a photo shoot for work a couple of weeks ago. I was helping direct the "models." Will tagged along with me and made his way into some of the pictures. Check out his handsomeness!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Titi's Bday Dinner

On Saturday night, we went out to dinner at Carrabba's to celebrate Aunt Teri's b-day. Tia is aunt is Spanish, and so I call Teri "Tia Teri" to the kids, which they say, "Titi." Now, she's Titi.

So, you may be wondering what the deal is with Marie's shoes, right? Well, she absolutely insisted on wearing these shoes, which are Will's, and she just wouldn't settle for anything else. Therefore, I gave up, and she just wore these shoes with this dress. It's quite a fashion statement don't you think?
Will was completely jacked up at dinner. I have no idea why he was so insane. Every time the waiter came by our table, he would pick up the fork, mumble a bunch of incomprehensible words/phrases, and wave the fork around like he was going to stab him. What did that guy every do to Will? Will screamed, yelled, said every word he knows how to say, and ran around the entire dinner. There was just no containing him. Billy had to take him out of the restaurant 3 times!
Abby wasn't much better. Here she is standing on her high chair and dancing. She prefers only to dance when on an elevated surface. After a diaper change on her changing table, she stands and dances. She'll climb up onto the dining room table to dance sometimes. I'm hoping she's training to be a ballerina, not a stripper. I don't know...she does really like to take her clothes off.

Happy Birthday, Trio!!!

My "babies" turned 2 on Sunday! I can't believe it. Where have the last two years gone? In some ways, they have flown by, but in other ways, I feel like these children have been a part of our lives forever. What did we do for entertainment before we had them? We must have been so bored.

Anyway, thank you to all of our family and friends who attended our little b-day shindig. It was quite a success. We really appreciate you coping with the heat. We've decided that we are either going to move their birthday to another cooler month, or celebrate with some sort of water related activity from now on. We were just too afraid to do a pool party this year because it's so hard to keep track of 3 little ones in the pool plus host a celebration.

Billy and I were exhausted after their party, but the kids were severely jacked up. They were running around like crazy lunatics until after 9 p.m. OMG...I just wanted to pass out. Then, they didn't even sleep that well. That's nothing new though. Yes, our sleeping issues are never ending.

Sorry to all of the parents who have had to listen to their kids play the kazoo. Those were in the party favor bags. If it makes you feel better, I almost went for whistles, but Billy talked me out of those.

I will have new pictures in my next post!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I'm a little late on the patriotic pics, but here it goes....

Not patriotic, but Abby is modeling her newest Dora swim suit with the matching sarong. Thank you Tibus Family for such great fashions!

We met Abby and Marmie at Outback Steakhouse for dinner on July 4th. Abby is pissed that we are running late in this picture. Check out her bottom lip. She was holding Mems' Blackberry when we arrived, and she got so excited when she saw us that she spiked it on the ground. Whoops!
After dinner, we went to Bruster's for ice cream. They all sat on this bench and ate their vanilla ice cream cones. It was a bit messy but fun!

When we got home, the girls decided it was time for some 4th of July streaking. They ripped off their clothes and ran around the front yard. This was very white trash of us to allow our children to run naked in front of our home. Will was very civilized and kept his clothes on.

Here is Will demonstrating some break dancing moves. Go white boy, go white boy!

Marie has on her oven mitt and is ready to get something out of the toy kitchen. They put this mitt on and say, "hot!"

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Camera

Good news! We got a new camera which means you'll get to see new pictures. Yay!

Here's Marie cruising around with her sunglasses and a giant bag of Goldfish snacks in her hands. That's why Winnie is sticking close to her. She knows Marie will throw a few her way. Either that, or Winnie will steal them in transit from Marie's hand to her mouth.

Abby is quite a little helper. Here she is cleaning up a spill. Well, she probably made the mess, but oh well.

Will is demonstrating his sign for "cold" here.

Marie got a new haircut courtesy of Aunt Vivian and Rose. Rose sprayed Marie's hair with water, and Vivian did the chopping. I think it looks quite cute. We are going for more of a bob look, instead of the whole crazy bowl cut she was sporting. Watch out, next it's highlights. :) Kidding, of course. She would look good with some blond streaks....

Everyone is running, climbing, and jumping these days. Therefore, we are ending up with lots of injuries. You can see in this picture that Will's face is a bit banged up. He took a tumble in the driveway.

Marie had a much more tragic fall. Little Bear fell off a chair and chipped a tooth. She also ended up with a swollen mouth for a couple of days that had her looking like a little monkey. We had to take her to a pediatric dentist to have the chipped tooth filed down and get it x-rayed. She was not thrilled about that at all. Now, one of her little front teeth is smaller than the other. She looks like a little redneck baby. So sad. Maybe we should let her grow out a mullet, instead of a bob? We have to go back in 6-8 weeks and have the x-ray repeated to assess the damage. If there is bad nerve damage, she may need a baby root canal! Let's hope it's not that bad.

We took a quick trip to Home Depot the other night, and the girls wanted to look good while cruising in their car shopping carts. They are sporting their hats and sunglasses.

Will would not settle for a regular cart, and we had to push a second one of those huge shopping carts that was impossible to maneuver for just one child. Oh well, we couldn't leave him out of the driving fun. Well, if it was up to Billy, he would not have had that cart, but I convinced him it wasn't fair. You owe me, Mr. Willers.

Michele prepared juice pops for them a couple of days. They enjoy them sitting at their triplet table on hot afternoons.

All of children are now cross dressers. It used to be that Will wanted to put on the girls' clothes, but now, Abby and Marie want to wear his clothes. You can't really tell in this picture, but Abby is wearing Will's truck pajamas. That same night, Marie insisted on wearing his train pajamas. Will was very confused when he saw the girls in his jammies, but we saved him his monkey p.j.s, which are his favorite, so he didn't really pitch a fit.

Hope you enjoyed the update!