Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and the zoo

We had a great Thanksgiving again this year. I feel like I just wrote my entry from Thanksgiving 2008, and here we are in 2009. Time is just flying, and these kids have grown up so much it is truly amazing.

Last year, the babies just sat in their car seats or on a blanket on the floor at my dad's and at the Eklund's for our Thanksgiving meals, but this year, they were on the move. We spent most of the day chasing them, and we were all exhausted by the end of the day. However, as always, we are thankful for every minute we spend with them and with our families.

After we recovered, we spent the next afternoon at the zoo. The kids loved it, and even Aunt Teri got to join us for some animal fun!

Here's Abby trying to outrun a baby goat.

Will and Marie walking up to the goat to pet it.

Will is pointing at the goat screaming, "DOG!" They all thought every animal we saw was a dog. At one point, we were looking at kangaroos, and they all kept saying, "dog." Some old lady kept saying to them, "No, they are kan-ga-roos." Our kids would look at her, and scream "DOG." It was hilarious. She gave up. I guess they convinced her they were actually dogs and not kangaroos after all.
Look at the expression of sheer happiness on Abby's face. She loves animals. This was such a treat for her...especially the petting zoo area.

Our mode of transportation at the zoo was the choo-choo wagon. You should have seen how many looks we got, and how many people we heard commenting on them. One child pointed at the wagon and said, "I want to ride that." I guess he thought it was a zoo ride. We should have charged his parents $5 and let him on.

We went in this bird enclosure area, and the parakeets just flew all over us. The kids really enjoyed it. Abby kept saying, "bird" and making the sign for it. Yes, she knew they weren't dogs. She really is a genius.

Abby and daddy playing out on the deck at my dad's on Thanksgiving.

Will looking very handsome in his sweater and tie. He got lots of compliments on this look.

Marie was quite lovely in her little dressed selected by Pop-Pop Zeigler.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cuban Babies Have More Fun!

When I was at my dad's a few weeks ago, I gave the kids milk in their sippy cups in the afternoon. Maureen, my dad's wife, said to me, "Those are the first Cuban babies I have ever seen drink milk out of cups." It dawned on me that she was right...Cubans are not big into weaning. Babies get milk in bottles until they are practically adults. I drank milk from a bottle every morning until first grade. Yes, FIRST GRADE! At that point, my bestie, Amanda, informed me that bottles were for babies when she spent the night over. I had no idea. However, she was intrigued by the bottle thing and requested her own when she spent the night over after that. My grandma, Nata, was oh so happy to oblige because Amanda was entirely too skinny for her liking so any extra calories she could pump into Amanda made her feel better. Amanda's nickname at our house was "La Flaca" (the skinny one). See American kids feel deprived when they get weaned to early and revert.

Along those same lines, Cuban babies are overindulged at an early age. I was looking at my baby book when I was pregnant to see all of the stuff I did at certain ages. Around 6 weeks, I started eating cereal, and then, quickly progressed to pureed black beans. Would an American parent even think of giving their child solid foods before the magic 4-6 months window? NEVER. In my household, though, having a fat baby was key. If that meant stuffing our little faces with black beans, that's how it was going to have to be. Also, those bottles of milk I mentioned in the previous paragraph...well, they were laced with a whole raw egg. Did my grandmother consider salmonella when she made those for us? Of course not. Being a fat child was the most important thing.

What good is Cuban fare if you don't have traditional Cuban drinks to accompany it? That's why when we became toddlers, we began to indulge in an afternoon Cuban coffee with our grandma. She would make it super sweet for us, and we would get a few saltine crackers. We would then dunk saltines in the coffee for our snacks. It's like a biscotti and latte pick me up, but I was like THREE YEARS OLD!

It's only now that I recognize how crazy all of this was. Growing up, I thought it was all just normal. My sisters and I turned out fine, so I guess it's not too bad.

Cuban babies could sleep in the bed with mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa) whenever they wanted. Alice and Liane continued this tradition, and I have tried, but Billy kicks the babies out of our bed. Also, 3 babies don't fit in the bed with us, and it would be mean for me to play favorites....although Abby ends up in our bed just about every morning. ;)

I think Cubans just a have a more relaxed attitude about child-rearing. It's just like, it will happen when it happens. Alice, for example, didn't potty train Drew until he was quite mature. However, she reasoned that she had never seen a normal 16-year-old in diapers so eventually, he would just get it. What made them just do it already was that they had reached the largest size diapers, and Kibby said the next box of diapers they would have to get would be Depends. It was time.

The most wonderful thing about my Cuban family is the sense of love and collaboration between us all. Whenever I have a problem, it becomes my entire family's problem and everyone pitches in to help solve it. They are there for us through everything. I love them so much for that. Well, that's not just my Cuban family, the Gringos on Billy's side are also beyond wonderful. How did I get so lucky?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's been too long...

I haven't posted in forever. I have been busying traveling for work the past few weeks, and I just have felt exhausted. I have a few posts I've been working on, but I haven't completed any of them. I just wanted to go ahead and get a few pictures up for those of you who are wondering where I am and wanting to see what the kids are up to these days. Just so you know what to expect in the coming days, I'll have up posts about the following subjects: my new job, a road rage incident involving Alice (funny stuff), and pictures from our fall family photo shoot. I'll try to get caught up this week. There's a lot to report!

Marie got her first pedicure when she spent the night at Marmie's! She sat still for one hour while being pampered. Now that little girl knows how to relax!

Marie is very into caring a purse or bag of some sort. She's quite the little lady. Here she is exiting Marmie's house to come home, and she's got her little overnight bag.

Marmie took Will to the park one of the days she kept him earlier this month. He kept her busy chasing him all over the place.

Abby continues to just love Winnie. She loves to cuddle up with her at bottle time. Winnie doesn't seem to mind. Yes, I'm supposed to be weaning the trips off the bottle, but I just am not ready to deal with that just yet. It will day.

The kids like to take morning rides on Billy's sleeping bag. Billy was sleeping downstairs with Winnie after her surgery, and the kids looked forward to having him drag them around on his "bed" every morning. Winnie is better, and he's back upstairs now. We are both very glad about that.

You can tell this little guy knows he's cute. Look at that subtle grin. He's a holy terror. We've nicknamed him "Destructo" because he wants to break everything! He picks up toys and throws them down as hard as possible. Then, he just laughs. This child is nothing but trouble.

Will looks like a little old man...all bent over on his little car.

Abby is trying to enjoy some quiet reading time in the confines of her little box.
Check back soon...I promise to get up some new stories!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

These pictures were taken during a costume "sneak preview" session with Marmie. The kids loved their costumes and wanted to wear them everyday. They just wandered around wearing them for a few days before Halloween. Since Halloween, they have also been wearing their costumes daily. When will they get old?

We had tons of fun on Halloween itself. We roamed the neighborhood in our choo-choo wagon with the 4th wagon attached for adult treats...a cooler full of beer! Will was a tiger, and he did well with his roaring. Marie was the itsy-bitsy spider because that's her most favorite song in the whole world. Abby was a cat, but she probably should have been a dog because of her deep love of dogs.

They actually think all animals are dogs. They watch squirrels run around outside in the yard and scream, "DOG, DOG, DOG!" Michele now refers to all squirrels as "squirrel dogs."

Anyway, back to trick or was a bit wet and cold out there, but we still had fun. The babies were amazed by all the action in the neighborhood. There were so many kids everywhere. It was insane. Next year, the trio is going to have a blast.

At around 8:30, we turned out the lights and called it a night. I posted a sign indicating that nobody else should knock because we had babies sleeping. Do you think our neighbors thought we were a-holes?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Public Pooping

Vivian has instilled her fear of public pooping on poor Rose. I don't mean dropping a load in front of people...I just mean the preference to poop in your home toilet. Rose prefers not to drop a deuce at school, but last week, she got brave with her bathroom behaviors.

When Vivian picked up Rose in the carpool line at school, Rose jumped in the car and reported to Vivian that she had a secret to tell her. Therefore, she whispered to Vivian, "I pooped at school today." Vivian tried to show her enthusiasm, and told Rose how great it was that she pooped at school and how proud she was of her and how she shouldn't be ashamed to poop at other places when she really has to go.

Rose then reported part 2 of her story..."It's still in my pants." Yepper, she had a turd in her underwear. Good times.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Yorks Hit Disney...and left their mark(s)

I'll start with a pre-Disney teta milk story and slowly move into poop stories from Disney. Well, Liane has been trying (although not too hard) to wean Chloe for a couple of weeks. Because they were going to Disney, Liane wanted to get her used to taking a bottle so she could leave her. She figured Chloe would slow them down at the parks, and she's not going to remember any of it anyway. Chloe still loves herself some teta sucking, but mostly at night. Clearly, however, nobody wants to volunteer to keep Chloe overnight knowing full well that she'll be waking up screaming for some boobie.

The first couple of nights of trial weaning, Liane would give Jason a bottle for him to give to Chloe when she cried at night. Chloe was not having any of it. She was pissed. Once she learned that the bottle getting shoved in her face meant that she wasn't getting a teta, she started to rebel. On the second night, she punched Jason in the nose when he approached her with a bottle, and he got a bloody nose. She's tough.

By the third night, Carley was at her wits end. When Chloe started crying, Carley screamed, "Give that baby teta milk. I can't sleep!" Liane gave up, and Chloe didn't get weaned and ended up in Disney. Oh well. When Liane realized Chloe was making the trip, she asked my dad if he wanted to join them. He said, "Let me think about it...." (2 second pause) "No thanks." My dad is a smart man.

While in Disney, the York escapades continued. Apparently, Carley was too busy one day to go to the bathroom to take a dump. Therefore, she just went right in her pants. They cleaned her up, discarded her underwear, and took her back to the park sans panties. That night, they had reservations at the Castle. Cooper was sitting at the table complaining about his itchy butt. He was saying, "Hey guys, my butt itches" very loudly. I'm sure their dining neighbors were probably thrilled with the ambiance they were creating. Alice later confessed that Cooper was complaining of an itchy butt when she babysat him before they left, but she told him to tell his parents. She said it wasn't her responsibility to investigate that situation.

So, Cooper had an itchy butt, and then Carley decided she had to poop again. Jason took her to the bathroom but quickly hurried back and said, "We have to get out of here." Carley had pooped all the way to the bathroom and since she had on no panties, her poop spilled out and left a trail from their table to the bathroom in Cinderella's castle.

They quickly collected their belongings and prepared to dine and dash, but Cooper being Cooper stepped directly into a pile of poop and got it all over himself right after Jason said, "Watch your step, son." It just doesn't get any better than this! They took the tran back to the hotel, and Cooper kept begging Jason to sit in his lap. Needless to say, he had to stay in his own seat...Jason was not wanting the poopies on him too.

Friday, October 23, 2009


There is just nothing like a grandparent. They love their grand kids and spoil them rotten. They see the good in everything they do. They will rearrange their entire lives to spend time with their grand kids, and if you need them, they are there without even blinking. Well, I'm talking about the most amazing grandparents in the world...our children's grandparents. I just have no idea how we would manage without them.

My dad watches them all at least one day a week and usually takes a baby for a spend the night party weekly. Billy's dad comes several nights a week to help us get them to bed, and he also helps at least one day a week. Marmie comes by some evenings, and she has a full baby rotation schedule, where she will check out a different baby each weekend.

I often take for granted what amazing grandparents they all are. I will talk to a friend or colleague who asks if we have help, and I will tell her about the grandparents, and I always hear the same thing, "I wish my parents/my in-laws helped that much." Most of the time the grandparents come for birthday parties and help when something major is going on, but otherwise, they are not involved. I can't even imagine this!

Coming from my background, where my grandparents were like a second and third set of parents to me, I wouldn't have it any other way. I treasured the relationships I had with Nata, Ka, Nachi, and Go. They made me who I am today. I want our kids' grandparents to help shape their lives. It really does take a village! In our case, we could use 3 villages! I guess we'll take the one really big village we have.

Papa taking the kids for a spin on one of his babysitting days. Our neighbors always comment on how many different people they see with our kids cruising the streets.

Pop-pop Zeigler holding Will and Marie back so that they don't go playing in the street. It's really hard to control 3 toddlers when you set foot outside.

Marmie with Tiny, aka Marie. Marmie is especially happy because Miss Marie has warmed up to her a lot lately. Marie went through a rough period with separation anxiety. She wanted only mommy all the time. She's pretty over it now, but Abby has stepped up to the plate and wants more mommy-time. In fact, if she sits in my lap to read a book, and Will decides to join us, she pushes him off and screams at the top of her lungs. Nice. I can already feel the sibling love.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just time

Sorry I haven't had much time to blog it out. I am super busy with work right now, and I'm heading into a very hectic travel season. However, I have so many cute pictures, and I wanted to at least get those up here for you all to enjoy!

Also, I wanted to give a weight and length update from their 15 month checkup:

Abby is 23 lbs, 5 ozs (55th percentile) and 32 1/4 inches (90th percentile).
Will is 22 lbs, 5 ozs (25th percentile) and 31 1/4 inches (50th percentile).
Marie is 21 lbs, 4 ozs (35th percentile) and 30 7/8 inches (55th percentile).

We went to Lily's birthday party, and it was cold out! Marie barfed in the car on the way there so we arrived in style...with a baby covered in vomit. Anyway, they had tons of fun at the party. They had a petting zoo and pony rides. We'll get some pics of the pony rides posted later.
Look at Abby's crazy hair. It's super curly, and when she wakes up from naps, it's all over the place.

Will and Abby crammed themselves into this tiny corner. Soon, a fight broke out, and we had to separate them. Alice wants me to post a video of baby's fighting. I'll have to instigate something and get out the recorder.
Is that a daycare center? No, it's our family room. Toys everywhere!

This was last month, but I forgot to get the picture up, and it's too cute not to post. Here is our trio, along with several of Billy's friends children. From right to left, we have the Sce Twins, The Zeigler trips, Ben Elliott, and Carina Magnus. So many adorable kids!
Our belly button bandit, Marie. She's totally obsessed with it. Always pokes at it. I have to clean it out every couple of days with an alcohol swab because I'm afraid she's going to get an infection from all the touching.
Abby decided she was not tired enough to take a morning nap in her bed, but she needed to rest her eyes when lunch time rolled around. We are working on trying to get them down to one nap a day, and it's not going so well. Can you tell?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last resort

Last Sunday, Will was not feeling well. He was feverish, cranky, had a runny nose, and was just generally miserable. We went to my dad's house for lunch as usual, and Cooper took a special interest in Will's sickness.

I was walking around holding Will trying to soothe him, and Cooper was following me, trying to help. He first suggested we put him in the crib because he might be tired. We tried that...Will cried harder. Cooper said, "That didn't work." The next suggestion was that we rock him. I sat in the rocking chair, and Will kept crying. Cooper said that perhaps singing would help. Therefore, we sang a couple of rounds of "Happy Birthday" and then "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Unsuccessful.

Finally, Cooper turned to me and said, "Leslie, I think he's going to need some teta milk." As I've mentioned in other posts, teta is the word for boob in Spanish. This was Cooper's last resort option. I told Cooper that I didn't have any teta milk; it was all dried up. His response was, "OH, BROTHER!" Then he said, "Well, I'll just ask my mom to warm him up a bottle." He looked very disappointed by this he knew it was clearly not going to work. That kid cracks me up all the time.

We ended up at an after-hours clinic with Will that night because I couldn't get his fever down--it was over 102 after taking Tylenol. When we got to the clinic, it was 104! He had tonsillitis, double ear infection, and his molars were breaking through. Poor little man. I spent 2 or 3 sleepless nights caring for him, but he's better now. I'm just hoping the tonsillitis doesn't spread to the little ladies.

Well, back by popular demand, I have new baby videos. Check them out below. I have drafted my tributes to Will and Marie, but I'm still putting the finishing touches on them. Those are coming soon!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Will is my little man. He's sometimes Willers or Mr. Willers or Wheel (that's what Carley calls him). He is just the goofiest little guy in the world.

He is quick to smile at us, but if you are a stranger, especially a male stranger, he will stare you down. It's like he's sizing men up to fight. You wouldn't believe how hysterical it is, and how many times people say, "My, he sure is serious," or "He sure can stare." He is the ultimate winner of all staring contests. It's really funny to see him do it.

It's funny to me how he's all boy already. How does that happen so fast? He whacks on everything, is super rough, beats on the girls, and just acts differently than they do. He just doesn't have all that girl drama. I think he's going to be the most easy-going.

Lately, he's gotten into this thing where he has to carry something around with him everywhere. It's like a security blanket, but it's not a's usually his hair brush. If you take it away, he freaks out. Sometimes, he'll carry around a ball instead, but whatever it is, he has a death grip on it. He will hold it through meals, bottles, playing, etc. He does everything with only one hand so that he can hold on to his little item with the other. He even falls asleep with whatever it is at night, and I have to go in and fish it out of his crib. If I don't go get it, he'll grab it first thing in the morning, and when I go get him, he's sitting up, grinning, holding the ball, brush, whatever in his hand already.

Will is a total brat when it comes to falling asleep at night and at nap time. He just doesn't want to rest. He will cry until he gags, and if I didn't go get him then, he would barf his guts out. His preference is that I put him in the big bed and sleep next to him, but I can't go to sleep at 7:30...there is too much to do after they go down. Therefore, I have to slip him back into his crib after he falls asleep and hope that he doesn't wake up. It's hit or miss.

The boy is obsessed with cabinets, doors, drawers, and anything else you can open and close. He could spend all day opening and closing cabinets, but he also enjoys climbing into them and making a mess.

The latest thing he's been working on trying to open and shut is the gate in the playroom. He's been successful in his efforts to open that a couple of times. That is not good. I don't know how we will keep the little animals caged in if he figures out an escape plan. How can a 22 lb person who barely knows a few words already outsmart us? We are definitely in trouble in the future.

He loves to eat. He shovels handfuls of food in his mouth, and he does this funny thing where he holds his hand over his mouth while he chews to keep food from falling out. I think cheese is probably his favorite food, but he also loves vegetables and banana bread a lot.

When he wants to give you a kiss, he opens his mouth huge and comes running across the room at you. You have to prepare yourself because he's going to slobber all over you. Plus, you can never be sure if he's just going to kiss you, or if he's going to bite.

Here are some sweet pics of my little man:

In Marmie's big bed-just the way he likes to sleep, with his head on the pillow.

My silly man showing off his grin.

My cabinet man-playing peek-a-boo in the tupperware cabinet.

This is how big he opens his mouth when he comes to give you a kiss. As you can imagine, it's pretty sloppy.

Typical boy--playing with his weiner.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Look at this little smiley face!
Playing with the basketball post after knocking it down. Apparently, they think it's a see-saw.
She's in her big girl seat with a yellow bow in her hair. She only tolerates the bow for a little while, though. Then, she tries to eat it.

She has gotten into accessories lately. Marmie must be teaching her all about it. In this picture she has a faux purse-it's actually a bib on her arm.

These two pictures were taken in the morning when the light was coming in the family room. They make her look so serene...don't be fooled.

Oh, little Marie! She is so adorable...I just want to eat her up sometimes. We call her Bear and Oso/Osito (Bear/Little Bear in Spanish). Sometimes, it's Ree-ree or Reezers. I often call her Tiny because she was the tiniest one of the bunch at birth (in length and weight). She's still the shortest. What she lacks in height, however, she makes up for in personality.

She got the name Bear because of her sleeping habits. We always kid that she is like a little hibernating bear. She sleeps 12 hours a night, and she does not skip a nap. She's a thumb sucker, and as you take her up to her room for a nap or at night, you can gage how tired she is by when the thumb goes in the mouth. Some days, we are only on the second stair going up, and the thumb is in the mouth. If it's not in there by the time you get in the room, she'll definitely get it in once you put her in her crib. The girl is all about her beauty rest, and we are so grateful to have one baby who is a good sleeper!

Marie also has a secret obsession/eating disorder with paper and/or cardboard products. She likes to eat her books, little scraps of paper she finds, really anything that's made out of some sort of paper. She's incredibly sneaky about it. She'll confiscate her little piece of whatever, crawl (or lately walk) away to a corner, turn her back to the adult in the room, and munch away. Typically, whoever is with her thinks that she's being such a good baby playing in the corner alone. Then, when she is approached, and you say "Marie!," she quickly throws the item to the floor and moves away from it as quickly as possible. She obviously knows that paper eating is off limits, but it doesn't stop her from trying to get in little here and there.

Bear is quite the mama's girl. If I'm in the room, I have to be holding her or giving her attention. If someone else tries to hold her, she's reaching for me and crying bloody murder. However, if I'm out of sight, she'll tolerate others. The minute she sees me, though, her mommy-itis starts up.

Miss Ree is our best eater. The child gobbles down adult-sized mouthfuls of food. She shovels handfuls of food into her mouth, and I swear she doesn't chew some of it. In fact, I know she doesn't, because sometimes there are whole pieces of vegetables in her poop when I change her diaper.

Marie is knows how to play the innocent victim. She'll often start a fight with Will by stealing one of his toys. Then, he'll come over and hit or bite her, and she'll scream and cry and look at me like she has no idea what she did to deserve this. At first, I didn't notice that she was instigating the violence. I mentioned to my dad that Will was always torturing her, and he said, "Don't let her fool you-that little girl is sneaky. She's probably doing something to him before he does something to her." I started watching more closely, and I realized that he was right...Marie usually gets Will worked up.

I would have to say that out of all of them, Marie has the worst cry. It is so sad and heart-wrenching. It makes you just want to go pick her up and squeeze her.

That child got a mouth full of teeth before Abby had 2. It was crazy. She now has her molars. She's like a little shark with those teeth, too. When she bites down on something, she shakes her head back and forth viciously and giggles. It hurts!

Marie was the last to take steps, but once she got it, she got it. She quickly had a good sense of balance and was walking around taking tiny little steps, while holding her arms up in the air. She now walks 100% of the time-no crawling at all.

She is hilarious with her signs. Her favorite sign is "more," and she does it all the time. She'll just look at you and sign more, but most of the time, I have no clue what she wants more of. If I just start singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider when she signs more for no reason, that usually makes her happy.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here is my tribute to my sweet Dabbers. We call her so many things....Abber-Dabbers, Daberoo, Daberoni, Dabs, and Abs. I think I'm leaving out a few, but you get the picture. I'm not sure why the "d" got added to her name, but it did, and her nicknames all became variations of that.

Abs is the most outgoing of all the babies. She smiles at strangers when Marie frowns, and Will stares and sometimes even cries. Abby is always showing off her four little teeth with her huge grin.

Abby is also the snuggliest of them all. She loves to hug and kiss. When I'm holding her, and I give her something she wants, she'll put her head down on my shoulder to give me a little thank you hug. When I ask her for a "besito" (little kiss), she opens her mouth wide and mauls me.

Dabbers is also the dog whisperer. She's amazing with Winnie. She points to her whenever she comes in the room and says, "Dog." She pets her, and she does this thing where she'll walk over to Winnie, sit in front of her, and then rest her head on Winnie's head. I do this to Winnie a lot so I'm sure she learned from seeing me, but she's just so gentle about it, and Winnie just licks her, or sits there quietly and lets Abby do whatever she wants. When Will or Marie even come close to Winnie, she growls. They have abused her enough. She knows that Abby is gentle and sweet, but the other two are somewhat unpredictable. Winnie never bites, but the growl is her warning to them to stay away. For Abby, though, she'll roll over on to her back, and let Abs love her.

Abby is our fastest learner. We practice a "trick" a few times, and she's got it, in 3 languages (sign, Spanish, and English). She was also the first to walk, and she was first to say "dog," which was pretty much everyone's first word. What can I say, the girl got her momma's brains!

Maybe she learns quickly because of her love of reading. When given a pile of her toys, she'll grab a few books, sit in the corner, and turn through the pages. She points at the pictures on each page and asks, "Dat?" I have to identify everything for her. She prefers to sit in my lap and have me read to her. Once the other two see this, they also fight for a spot on mommy's lap.

On the other hand, she's daring, like her daddy. She will do anything, and she's never scared. At Marmie's house, if we turn our backs for one second, she's at the top of the stairs looking down at us and laughing. She walks up to her baby pool, which is full of balls, and does belly flops straight into it. I'm afraid she's going to do this one day when the pool is empty. That's going to hurt. She always wants to be up on the couch and tries to jump off over the sides. This girl is going to have some injuries. I foresee many emergency room visits in her future.

She usually stays out of the major fights between the kids. I don't know if she is necessarily a peacemaker or if because she's bigger than the others, they simply don't engage her figuring they'll lose. Don't get me wrong, she'll fight for what she wants, but usually it's more in self-defense, whereas Will just bites or hits Marie because she's there.

Abby is our worst sleeper. Her naps are usually the shortest, and at night, she fights falling asleep for a long time. Typically, she wakes up at least a couple of times at night. Most of the time, it will only go on a few minutes, and she'll go back to sleep, but some nights, after hearing her scream for 30 minutes, I have to go in and rescue her. I don't know if she has ever slept more than 6 hours straight.

Abby is also our worst eater. She's super-picky. All she likes are carbs, much like her daddy. She loves crackers, cereal, bread, cereal bars, and cookies (especially Nilla Wafers). However, she does love cheese and veggie meatballs, which are not on her daddy's "faves" fact, he despises both. I'm constantly trying to come up with different things to feed her, but if she doesn't want it, she carefully picks up each piece, and tosses it over the side of her tray.

The little animal lover-this is a bunny statue at Marmie's house. Of course, Abby doesn't know it's a statue. To her, it's just another animal to love.

Here's her silly grin.

Staying out of a fight-check out Will and Marie.

Covered in cheese after a meal and making one her silly faces.

Reading with mommy and sister (and Winnie).
Okay, I have to work on Marie and Will's tributes next. Look for those in the next few days....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Signing Time

We are teaching the babies sign language, and a couple of times a day, they watch videos to learn their signs. I don't know what kinds of subliminal messages they put in these videos, and I don't care because it keeps all 3 of them entertained for a few minutes. These pictures illustrate the trance-like state they slip into when "Signing Time" is on the screen. It's a little scary.