Friday, March 25, 2011

March Modeling Looks

I ordered the kids personalized Easter t-shirts. As soon as they arrived, the kids had to put them on. They are currently obssessed with their names. Everything must have their names on it or at least, their first initial. Of course, since these shirts had their names, they were thrilled! Abby and Marie's have their first inital shaped into a bunny on top and names underneath. Will's shirt has a W in a hatching chicks fabric, and under the W, it read "chick magnet." Perfect for him.
Billy thought the Easter t-shirt was a little gay so you can imagine that he didn't like Will in this dress. Will, however, loved spinning around and watching the skirt twirl. His cross-dressing tendencies have returned.

Above, Abby is illustrating two silly looks.
In this picture, Will is all boy--a vest (with no shirt on), sunglasses, and a remote control. Very manly. Hopefully, this offset some of the girly looks.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Painting and cooking-Messy!

Being messy is on a whole new level these days. They love to get gross!!!

The 3 pictures are above are after arts and crafts time. We were painting, and they decided that painting their bodies was much better than on the paper. Marie looks like the painting Devil child.

We staged a cooking photo shoot for the pictures above. The kids in their preschool class are giving the teachers a cookbook as an end of year gift. Therefore, we have to submit recipes and pictures of each child for a page in the book. Most people have to take 1 picture and send 1 recipe...not me! Anyway, it just provided another opportunity for the kids to make a mess, and as usual, they took full advantage of the messy circumstances. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Triplet Comedy Shows

Honestly, I don't know how it is possible for 3 little people to have such huge, hilarious personalities! Mems e-mailed me this story about Will from when he spent the night with her: When we were in the car, a truck pulled out on our left and made a u-turn real fast and made a screeching sound. Will asked if the police would come. I said I don't know but you can call them if you want. He immediately put his hand to his ear and said "Police, yes,truck too fast, yes, Dada has penis (boy), Papa Nando has penis (boy),yes police, truck too fast, yes. " Marie was at Mimi's the week before and came home with red toenails. She took off her socks and said, "Will, wook at my nails." Will said, "Oh, Aree, I wuv them." He ran out of the room, and she cracked up laughing. She screamed to him, "Will!! Come wuk at my nails!" He ran back into the room and again said, "Oh, Aree, I wuv them." She laughed again, and off he went. This went on for about 15 minutes, with Marie laughing every time. Abby was in the bathroom with Marie the other day, and Marie went poop in the potty. (HOORAY!) Abby said, "Marie, I so proud of you. You such a good girl. Good job." She then proceeded to pat her on the back, help her off the toilet, and pick out new underwear for her. After that, she picked up the stool, moved it to the sink, and told Marie to wash her hands.

Tea Party

Michele had a tea party for the crew. She brought tea, scones, petit fours, fruits, and veggies. The kids loved it. They got a tea set from Papa Nando and Maureen at Christmas, but up until now, we had only "pretend" tea parties with the set. This time, they went all out! Thanks, Bobby Michele. (That's what they call her now, or "Ba-shell," which I guess is the combo version of the two names.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Party

I was class mom for the kids' Valentine's Day party last month. It was so fun to be able to go into the classroom and watch them interact with other kids in the class. I loved seeing how they would play together at times, but they would also break apart and play with the other kids in their class.

Each child had to bring 11 Valentines to class to give to all their classmates. However, in my case, it meant I had to send 33 Valentines. I guess I better get used to all of this.

Here's Ms. Donna trying to round up the crew for their end of day stuff.
Abby (picking her nose-how ladylike), along with Will and his favorite jacket, which he just calls "pockets", and their friend, Lauren.

Daddy came and surprised us for the class party! The kids were so excited to see us both there. I didn't even know he was coming...all the sudden, he was just at the door. Will and Marie are showing him their toys at school here.

Here's Abby sitting at a table with some classmates-Natalie, Jose, and Maggie.

Will and Marie were seated at the table behind her with Mary Shea and Isabella. It was amazing to watch them all sit nicely and eat their lunches.