Friday, May 21, 2010

Loving playing outside

We've been spending lots of times outdoors lately. The weather is great, and we have monthly service from a mosquito murdering service.

The kids love to play in the yard, and we can even take Winnie out there with us since it's all fenced in. We let everyone run around, and the kids enjoy their swings, water table, slide, sidewalk chalk, etc. However, the biggest hit has been the hose. They love to spray each other and get soaked.
Abby wants her turn with the hose so she's giving Will the "stare-down." This look says, "This is the last time I'm going to ask nicely. If I don't get the hose, I'm coming at you like a spider monkey."
They LOVE airplanes, helicopters, etc. Whenever one flies above, they all point up and try to find it. When it passes, they turn to me and ask for "mas" (more). Unfortunately, I can not get another airplane to fly overhead on command.

Look at how wet these two are---they were laughing hysterically and having fun with all the water.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Guess who got a haircut? All 3 of my babies. They are so grown up now, and they needed a little stylin'. Will was looking like he had a baby toupee going on. Marie's hair was a million different lengths because of all the chopping Mems and I had done to it. Abby's hair was just a huge, tangled mess of curls.

I contemplated taking them to a fancy hair cutting place just for kids, but those are for singletons. Hair cuts are $20 a piece! WTF? I have 3 kids, and I needed this to be done economically. Seriously, they don't have that much hair. We opted for Great Clips. If it's good enough for their daddy, it's good enough for them!

This is Will before. You can see he's got a bit of comb-over going on.
Here is Will during his cut. He was such a big boy---just sat up in the chair by himself and let them cut away.

Check out his new do. He looks like a little man now.

This is Marie during her cut. She was moving around a lot so it was hard to get a good one.
We got her the "Dorothy Hamill," aka the bowl cut. It's an improvement.

Here is Miss Abby before her cut. See how long it is in the front?
During her cut...she insisted on being on my lap. She loved it when the lady sprayed her hair with water, and she signed "rain." BTW-We went for cuts right after swim lessons. That's why my hair is soaking wet, and I'm looking so scary!

You can't really see her hair so great, but it's the best pic I have of her post-cut. You can tell in the front that it's shorter. Marmie let them drink out of big boy and girl cups!

All three sitting in chairs at Great Clips after their cuts. It's impossible to get them all to look at the camera!

Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Little Leslies

Having 3 kids the exact same age is so funny sometimes. There are so many moments when they are so sweet to each other, and I can't help but think of how blessed we are to have these "special" circumstances. They are behaving like little people these days, specifically, like little versions of me.

Whenever one of them coughs at meal time choking on something, or in the bath because they swallowed water, I pat their backs. Now, when they are in the tub and one of them starts to cough, the others will pat that one's back. They all think this is hilarious and will fake cough to get pats from the others.

Also, when I think someone has a poopy diaper, I'll ask them if they do, and usually, this will prompt Abby to go on diaper check duty. She'll walk around Will and Marie's backsides, pull their diapers, and peak in. This is just the way I do it! She will announce who has a "ca-ca."

The other morning when I left for work, poor Will got very upset. He was having a major crying fit, and Billy could not calm him down. Will threw himself on the floor by the gate crying, and Abby sprung into action. She ran over to him and started patting his back the way I do when they are upset. Guess what? He stopped crying. How cute!

They also do everything I do to Winnie. They hug her the same, growl at her when she's being bad (this is a trick from her Bark Buster's training-yes, Winnie has a personal trainer, but you can't really tell), and they tell her to hush when she's barking. Abby and Marie love to chase her around with her collar and try to get it over her head. When they succeed, they pat her and say, "Good girl," just the way I do.

They also pick crumbs up off the floor and throw them away. They grab their own dirty clothes and take them to the laundry room and throw them in the washing machine. Abby helps me unload the dishwasher in the morning. She knows how to dry the tupperware and the cabinet where it belongs. She also knows where the put the cutting boards and mixing bowls. She's usually the first up in the morning, and this is my early a.m. chore.

Well, even if the world can't handle 3 more Leslies, I could certainly use a little more help around here. I need them to pay more attention when I fold laundry and put it away. I could use some help there! Billy will also be thrilled when someone can mow the lawn for him. What do they have to be, at least 3 for that? :) Well, Drew is 15, and Kibby and Alice would probably still say he's good for nothing. I'll just keep hoping....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers' Day

I hope all the moms out there had a great day yesterday! Mine was filled with the usual triplet craziness. Swim lessons, play at the park, naps for them while I unpacked my bags and theirs, a walk, dinner, baths, milk, and then, they were off to sleep. That left just enough time for Billy and I to eat a few bites of leftovers and pass out! Another day in paradise.

I just couldn't resist posting a couple of pictures from our big family event at the park. This is when all of my sisters, steps, nieces, and nephews get together. It's quite a crowd!

Our family plus Papa because Will wouldn't let him put him down.
Here is the big group! 4 sisters on my side plus husbands and 8 kids (and 1 in Alice's belly) plus 4 step-sisters, husbands, and 13 kids (plus sweet Owen, who is always missed and always in our hearts).


Billy and I spent the weekend in Athens attending graduation festivities. Friday was my college's small ceremony, and Saturday was the entire university graduate school. The fam came on Saturday for the big event.

Here are my peeps!

Here we are with the kids-future PhDs?!?!

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