Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The 3 Amigos

Things have gotten so much easier since they have gotten a little older and realized that they have playmates that are available 24/7. Well, that sucks a bit at 10 p.m. when they are still chatting up a storm in their rooms because they have each other, but is great for when I need to do something and can tell them to play together.
Here they are making silly faces.

Here they are digging in the dirt--messy but very entertaining. I can give them a bath if it means they will dig for 30 minutes straight.

Walking down our street duckling style.

Getting ready to enjoy a rainy day--they love any excuse to wear their rain boots!

Will's Update

Don't let his devilishly handsome face fool you.....this kid is a maniac!

Will also loves to ride his bike, but he isn't particularly careful. He's a wild man.

Look at how calm and chill he looks. He's just resting as we drive from one location to the next. As soon as we open the door, he's ready to roll!

Will was not happy that the girls got ballet shoes and leotards. He asked, "Where's mine?" I had to remind him that he would be taking karate, instead of ballet. I observed the first class, and they do the ballet and karate in the same gym. Will hung out in the middle of the gym most of the class and would run back and forth between the classes. Poor boy is so confused!

He's so white and skinny. He's a really good eater, but he has no meat on his bones.

Marie's Update

Marie has recently gotten over her separation anxiety issues and hasn't wasted a moment. She likes to go out and visit family whenever she gets a chance!

She loves to cruise around on her bike. She requires all her gear--helmet, sunglasses, etc. She's got to look good cruising!

Can you tell that Marie's favorite color is still pink???

Marie is a bit of a sugar addict. This was at Chloe's birthday party. She had a face full of frosting! And, it was pink. It couldn't have gotten any better for her.

Here she is taking a close look at her ballet slippers.

Just her cute, little smile!

Abby's Updates

I figured it's about time for individual updates. Let's start with Abby

Here she is dressed as a ballerina! She just started taking ballet classes after school on Fridays with Marie. So far, they are enjoying it!

As you'll be able to tell from the rest of the pictures, Abby's favorite color is still orange, as much as her daddy has tried to talk her out of liking this color (especially during football season). Billy tried to explain to her that during football season, only "bad guys" wear orange (e.g., Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, etc.). Abby listened to all of this patiently, nodding her head, and then she stated, "I want to be a bad guy!" Abby is smart and stubborn. It's a lethal combination.

Here she is riding Winnie like a horse. No, Winnie is not dead. She has just given up. If the kids want to torture her, she's absolutely willing to take it. Not to mention that she thinks of our bed as her den so if she got up and left, it would mean turning over her spot to these little people who have taken over every other inch of her territory.

Shocking, she's in another orange shirt! This is Will's shirt, as are the glasses. She doesn't mind if he doesn't mind. She'll go up to him and say, "Hey buddy, can I wear your movie cars camisa (shirt)?" He'll respond, "Okay. Sure." Then, she'll say, "Thanks, buddy."

This is a preview of Abby's Halloween costume. She says she's an "orange policeman lady." If you watch Yo Gabba Gabba, you know who she is.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Nature Center

The Chatahochee Nature Center is their favorite place. We have a family membership, and our nanny takes them there all the time. Here are some pictures from their most recent visit.

Cross Dressing Still Happens

Will loves to wear a nightgown. He also isn't afraid to carry around a purse. A few weeks ago, I took the kids to the park, and Marie kept saying she had to poop. I took her to the public bathroom 3 times, and I had to drag the other 2 with me each time. She would get on the toilet and say she didn't need to go anymore. So, the 4th time she asked to go, I said she could just poop in her pants. She looked at me like I was crazy, gave a big push, and diarrhea'd (excuse the spelling) herself. She called my bluff. Dammit. It was pouring down her legs, mosquitoes and flies were swarming her butt...it was ugly. I didn't let her play on the playground obviously, but Will and Abby were playing. Will was carrying a little pink purse in the shape of a heart. Another little girl at the playground ran up to him and said, "I like your purse." He said, "Thank you." He looked all proud of himself. The girl's dad was with her and looked over at me...all I could do was shake my head in shame. He said, "Maybe it's a man purse." I said, "It's pink and heart-shaped. He has two sisters. Doesn't stand a chance." Oh well.

Abby is now obsessed with Will's clothes. This striped shirt is Will's, but because it has some orange in it, she has claimed it for herself. She insists on wearing this shirt, an orange striped polo shirt, an orange shirt with a picture of a monkey on it, or Will's orange monster truck polo almost everyday. She wore the monster truck shirt and Will's cargo shorts to school today. Again, oh well. She's so cute when she dresses like a girl....

At least Marie remains gender appropriate. She still loves pink, or "rosado" as she calls it! :)

Back To School

The kids headed back to preschool this week. We had parent orientation, and the Director of the preschool was talking about the carpool line and how no parent should get out of the car when dropping off because the teachers pull everyone out and take them in the building. Then, she stopped and said, "Oh, there is an exception. We have one family with triplets and that mom is allowed to get out of her car, and take one child across the back of the car and to one of the teachers waiting on the other side." We get all the perks!

The kids new teachers are very nice, and they only have one little girl in their class that they had as a classmate last year. The rest of the class is all new to them.

They got to meet everyone at the "meet the teacher" session a couple of days before school started. I was struck by how big so many of the kids were because they were close to turning 4, when my kids had just barely turned 3. What a difference a year makes!

I was a little worried at meet the teacher because Marie cried a lot and was clingy. Abby said, "I'm going to take care of you, Marie," and tried to pull her away from me, but Marie wasn't budging. Will was quickly running around with the boys, playing with matchbox cars and trucks.

On Thursday, when we got in the car to head to school, I asked Marie if she was okay. She said, "I'm going to have fun today. I'm not going to cry for you, mommy." Just like that, she was over it. The teachers said she was fine all day. I asked Abby if she took care of her, and Abby said, "No. She didn't cry, mom." Will promptly reported that he helped his friend Daniel clean up. Marie was excited because they painted school buses. I saw the school buses on the wall when I went to pick them up the next day. They had asked each child what they liked best about school and noted it on the school bus. Abby's said, "that I get to come back here again tomorrow!" Will's said "everything!" Marie's said, "painting!" Another reminder of how different they are. :)