Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Happenings

The kids have had lots of opportunities to dress up. I feel better about spending $30 on each costume, instead of my typical $15 Old Navy costumes.

Here they are at their school Halloween Parade.

We were instructed to have them wear regular play clothes under their costumes, but that morning, as we were trying to get out the door, they all had their own ideas about what to wear under their costumes. Abby decided she would wear nothing but underwear under her DJ Lance Rock ensemble. Will wore underwear and a t-shirt, and Marie wore all her clothes (so cooperative). The teachers must have been baffled when they took off their costumes. Oh well.

This is their whole class in costume. It was really cute to see all of the different outfits.

Next, we did the Halloween Hike at the Nature Center. They had people dressed up as different animals/costumes along a trail, and each character told their story. Will, of course, asked the characters a bunch of questions.

This was at the pavilion area after the hike. Abby decided to change into her dad's cap. Someone asked her if she was dressed as a big game hunter. The glasses totally crack me up.

Tomorrow is the big day....stay tuned for some pics from that.

More October Events

It's been a busy month for us! We've had birthday parties and play dates galore!

Here are the girls riding a pony at a birthday party. Check out the boots!

Here are Will and Marie at a different birthday party. They were really into these wheel barrows. They just pushed them around the whole time at the party. When it was time for cake, they pushed the wheel barrows right next to their seats, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake, and took off again with the wheel barrows.

Will is a super cool dude in his blue jeep. He already is picking up the ladies. This is our neighbor Kendall. She came up to the cul de sac to play with us, and before she got there, Will kept saying, "Kendall is going to sit in my jeep." He would point to the seat next to him. This is their first official date, I guess.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Typical Friday Night

Billy went to a concert on Friday night, and Mems came by to pick up Willers. I had the girls with me, and we went up to watch television in mommy and daddy's room before bedtime. Well, poor Marie was exhausted.....

She was sacked out about 10 minutes into an episode of Barney en espanol. Winnie seemed to think Marie's tummy was a comfortable pillow.

Abby, on the other hand, wanted to watch 2 episodes of Barney, then read 2 books, then drink some water....Why does she not get tired? I was exhausted!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finding Mimi

Mems had an open house because she recently moved. She called the event "Finding Mimi." The kids, of course, were the entertainment for the party. The kids love Gary. Well, they love to jump on the couch, and Gary happened to be sitting on the couch, so he got attacked. They were all over him and another of Mimi's guests that were trying to watch football. Sorry guys.

I'm also sorry to Mems' friend, Nicolette, who had on a low cut top, and was checked out by Will...numerous times. He is totally boobie obsessed. He would start talking to the lady, but his gaze would drop, and he would stop mid-sentence and stare at her chest. Nicolette told Will that next time she saw him, she was going to be wearing a turtle-neck. At least she took it all in stride.

Here's Abby doing her Elf on a Shelf impersonation. I can't believe it's almost time to get that thing out.

They lined up their chairs and said it was a choo-choo train.

Abby stayed at Mimi's after the party. The next day, she wouldn't let go of that baseball glove. She says she's going to play baseball when she's bigger and that Papa Nando is going to show her how. Will says he's going to play golf with daddy. Marie says she's going to play soccer. So funny that they have already decided these things. I think I'm going to be busy running them around to sports!

Mems bought these shadow/memory boxes for each of the kids. She has them pick out their favorite pictures, and she puts them in there with stickers that represent them and sayings. They have turned out really cute. This is Abby working on hers. Mems said that she had definite ideas of what pictures she wanted to use, and she would not be swayed into the ideas Mems had. She's a strong-willed girl! (Okay, stubborn....I can't imagine where she gets that quality.)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Visit

We made a visit to a Pumpkin Patch this year again. We tried a different one...same crap, different place. They had a pumpkins, a jumpy castle, hayride, farm animals, face painting, etc. It was the perfect amount of entertainment for one morning with 3 preschoolers. Alice, Drew, and Jake joined us, and so did some friends of mine from work. We had a fun time!

After nearly 2 million attempts to get a picture with all 3 of them sitting on pumpkins, looking at the camera and smiling, we gave up. This was the best we could do. Screw it. I had already had a long morning by the time we got there because I have to beg Abby to wear gender appropriate clothing. I was thrilled when after nearly an hour of negotiations, she wore this dress. Never mind that I had a dress like Marie's but in black and white so they would coordinate, but she wouldn't have any part of that. Again, screw it.

They loved riding behind the tractor. Will wanted to drive the tractor, but he settled for taking in the scenery. Then, he proceeded to drown us in his questions the whole time. Who that is driving the tractor? Does a farmer drive a tractor? Can I drive a tractor when I get a little bit bigger? Does this tractor go around the farm? Does this tractor pick up pumpkins?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Stylish

Michele styled every one's hair the other day. They never let me do their hair. They typically run off to school with bed head. Abby especially has a tangled rat's nest that sits on her head everyday. She twists her hair at night, and she gets nudos (knots in Spanish). When she has lots of them, she'll say, "I had a rough night." The nudo twisting is her stress relief. Who knew being 3 could be so stressful?

Her hair looks so much better this way. These little braids are adorable!

Marie's hair is long, straight, and thick. Michele got hers into a fancy French braid. She was very proud of it.

Once Will realized the girls were getting braids, he demanded his own. When he was told that his hair wasn't long enough, he requested pony tails. This hair style makes him look like a white rapper. He needs a good nickname. Will-Z, Widdy, Vanilla Pudding...all viable options.

Just had to throw a few random shots in here. Marie is making her, "I'm very good at faking I'm upset face" here.

Here's Abby...shockingly, she's dressed in orange. I like that she has on boots with this ensemble. The girl is not afraid to mix and match.

Will--what a little charmer. Look at this face! I have to squeeze him all the time. In fact, I must go do that right now.