Thursday, April 26, 2012

Funny moments

I know that many of you read this blog hoping to read some funny stories, and this post, I think, will deliver.  Over the past few months when I took a blogging hiatus, the kids did not take a break from being themselves.  Sometimes, I can't stop laughing at what they say.  At times, it's just so random that I can't make any sense of it, but other times, it's just so honest that I can't be mad they said it.

So, Will is a bit of flirt, and he's boobie obsessed.  He also is kinda into his penis, which all together is a terrible combination.  He loves to give hugs and be sweet, but he has this little thing he does that drives me crazy (and our poor nanny, Michele).  Sometimes, he'll tell Michele he wants to give her a hug, and he'll try to look down her shirt or grab her chest.  Then, she'll tell him no, and he'll apologize.  But, he will say, "Let's hug again."  At that point, he'll wrap his legs around her and whisper in her ear, "I'm hugging you with my penis."  Gross. 

Abby is super-encouraging to her brother and sister, and she's a bit of a leader.  The others will often come to her to let her know that they've done something good, and she'll respond with, "I'm proud of you," or "Great job!"  Well, the other day, Will made a huge poop, and man, he was proud of that thing.  He ran up to Abby and said, "I just made a huge ca-ca snake in the toilet."  Her response was, "Good job, buddy.  I'm going to fart in your eye."  WHAT?  I couldn't make any sense of it, but they both started laughing hysterically.

Marie and I spent one afternoon watching gymnastics on television.  There was a gymnast who was about to do the floor routine, and she was ripped.  She had the typical gymnast body--short, stocky, super muscular.  Well, I told Marie to pay attention to this lady because she was going to do some cool flips.  Marie said, "That lady has a penis."  It was completely matter of fact, like she couldn't believe that I would be calling the person a "lady."  I tried to convince her that the person was actually a female, and she yelled to the screen, "Hey lady, show me your magina."

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feburary Summary

As our family Christmas gift, Mimi gave us all a Disney cruise!  We had a blast sailing the open seas!  When we got on the boat, Will kept asking when we'd be on the boat.  We tried to convince him a million times that we were on a boat, but he couldn't believe it.  I guess he was picturing something other than a floating city.  He looked out a porthole and saw a small motorboat at one point and said, "Oh, there's the boat." 
The kids LOVED meeting all the Disney characters....even Abby and Will who weren't too into princesses beforehand, were so excited to talk to all of them.  Will, of course, flirted like crazy with them and lingered a bit too long during the hugs at the end of each meet and greet session.  That silly boy.  After the cruise, he said the princesses were his favorite part.  ;)

Just arrived on the ship.....

 Met SO MANY Disney characters....
 Got to play in "Andy's room" from Toy Story....

 More characters....

Fun dinners....

 We took in a show....
 Pirate dinner....
 Characters (cont.)....

We squeezed in a trip to the Magic Kingdom the last day of our trip.  Wow, that was crazy.  We had a really fun day, but we were exhausted!

 Biggest highlight of the day--meeting Rapunzel!  Tangled is their favorite movie so this was thrilling! 
 Second favorite movie:  Toy Story 3.  So, seeing Woody and Jessie blew their minds.  They kept saying, "Reach for the sky," and, "There's a snake in my boot!"

After we returned, we took a yearly visit to the eye doc, and we discovered that Will needs glasses.  He's a bit farsighted.  Well he's got 2 pairs of glasses and is looking good!  This is when we picked them out at Costco.....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Summary

We had an amazingly mild winter in Georgia this month.  The kids were able to play outside a lot.  They got new balance bikes for Christmas and basically mastered them within a week.  They cruise around like maniacs on those things now.  They have indicated that "when they are big," which they believe will be upon turning 4 on their next birthday, they would like to have "pedal bikes."  I guess we know what we'll be getting them for their "big" birthday presents.  I hope we can find the appropriate colors.  As you can see from the video, we are still stuck on orange (Abby), pink (Marie), and green (Will).  Also, you'll hear them talking about baby, dad, and mom.  When they play house, they each always play the same role.  Abby is the dad, Marie the mom, and you guessed it, Will is the baby! 

We took a road trip this month to visit our friends John and Kate in Greenville.  The kids had a great time at the children's museum there.  They also enjoyed having a spend the night with Ben (John and Kate's son).  Abby and Will were planning to sleep in the room with Ben, and Marie was going to sleep on the floor in the guest room with Billy and I, but that didn't last, and we ended up with both girls in our room.  Ben has the same type of bed the kids have, but he has been moved to the top part.  My kids again have indicated that upon turning 4 and being "big," their beds should also be shifted to this position.  That terrifies me.  I can't deal with middle of the night falls from the loft. Here they are reading with Ms. before going to bed.

This month, we had parent-teacher conferences at the preschool.  We had the whole "gift of time" discussion with the teachers again.  Looks like we'll be giving the "gift" next year.  They'll do a second year in the 3 year old classroom.  We were worried about sending them on the 4s because they talk about going to kindergarten a lot, and if my kids weren't going to be going to kindergarten, I didn't want them to get confused.  They bug me on almost a daily basis about riding the school bus.  They want to get on when they see it, and they want to know how old they have to be to ride.  If they thought they were only one year away, and I took that from them, they would freak out.  Unfortunately, one year extra of preschool/nanny services will not be a gift to our wallets.  Oh well. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let me entertain you

Will singing one of their favorite songs. They sing it with their daddy almost every night. It's Avett Brothers "I and Love and You," but they refer to it as "Brooklyn, Brooklyn."

They also are big fans of a song that we sing at Georgia games. This cracks me up. They call it "The Hey Song." You'll notice Will punching Marie by the end.  He's a little rough.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I'm going to try to get this blog all caught up for those of you who follow the trio through this site. Sorry I've been a slacker. I took a little break because work, life, etc. was busy, but I need to get this up to speed since it's the best way that I keep track of the silly stuff they do.

First order of business, pictures of our winter photo shoot for our Christmas cards. We did these in early December because Billy grew a terrible mustache in November, and I couldn't stand the thought of that hideous thing in our pictures.

Here they are with Papa Nando and Maureen.

They love their Mimi! They start every sentence to her with, "Hey, Mimi." She wants to get a vanity plate for her car that says that.

Silly, family fun.

There were a bunch more from the photo shoot, but I just wanted to give a sample.

The grandpas still watch the kids every Tuesday. They are constantly seeking out new ways to keep them entertained. On this particular Tuesday, it rained, and this is what the grandpas came up with. Let me tell you, we had to do some serious scrubbing in the bath tub that night.

We visited Santa like a million times during the holidays. The picture above is from breakfast with Santa at their school. It's still impossible to get a picture with all of them smiling and looking at the camera. Next Christmas maybe we'll have better luck. Didn't I say that last year?

We also had breakfast with Santa is our neighborhood. They enjoyed that fiesta as well...especially since there were donuts there. Abby is obsessed with the powdered sugar variety and Marie likes the chocolate frosted, but she eats all the frosting off and leave the lower 1/2 of the donut. Will eats them all.

Here they are at Mimi's waiting on some Christmas cookies. Look at Will's face. He's so funny.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winnie's "Tail"

Because we don't have enough issues keeping up with our kids, Winnie decided to be problematic this month. She had an injury to the tip of her tail, and she was bleeding. We think she had thorn that nicked her tail in the yard when she was playing near the rose bushes. Well, she sprayed blood all over our walls. It was like somebody was painting with red paint all over the place. Well, it wouldn't heal because every time she wagged her tail, she would whack it on the wall, and she would re-injure it. We ended up having to take her to the vet, and they tried to wrap it, but she ate the wrapping off twice because she figured out how to flip her tail over her cone and chew at it. So, it kept getting injured.

The vet wrapped it in plastic casing, but she ate that off too, along with part of her nasty tail. So, now she had eaten two bandages, a large piece of plastic, some tail, and she STILL had a bloody tail. Then, we started to get worried that we might have to open her up and fish out all the crap she ate. Not to mention, my Mega Den was getting sprayed with blood several times per day.

Well, the vet decided amputation was the next step. They thought maybe just the tip of her tail. Then, it was 1/3, and then, maybe 1/2. Well, I think they probably ended up taking 2/3 of the thing off.

Here she is with her little tail nub, but she's so relieved. She's not trying to chew at it anymore. However, she started throwing up after coming home from surgery. She barfed up the bandages (intact) and the plastic casing. Nice. She had to take heartburn meds to settle down her stomach and a rice and chicken breast dinner. So, now I have to remember to get her an antibiotic, 2 pain killers, and a heartburn med every day. Things aren't crazy enough around my house I guess.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daddy's Little Helpers

They had a great time helping Billy clean up the enormous amount of leaves we had in our yard. Billy is very excited for the additional help the future holds. I could see him formulating plans to train them to mow, aerate and overseed, weed, etc. They have a big future ahead in our yard!