Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Billy's iPhone Pics

Billy has a bunch of pictures on his iPhone, and I asked him to download them to the computer so that I could weed through them all and find some that were suitable for posting. They are kind of random, but I'll try to explain them...

Sitting on the chair together watching television. Now, they actually will watch a show for about 10 minutes. That's about it, though. Well, Abby would watch longer because she has a longer attention span, but the other two distract her from her shows.
Abby looks so cute just waiting to have her picture taken.

Now, everybody gathers up, but as usual, we can get all looking at the camera and all to smile. When does that ever happen?
We are potty-training, and they really support each other's pee-pees and poops. Here they are holding hands as Abby braces herself to make ca-cas.

They love to walk up and down our street. I make them hold hands, preferably with a grown-up, but sometimes they just want to hold each other's hands. It's so cute, I don't stop them.

Marie started coughing so Abby offered her some juice and Will is patting her back.

We went to the Sandy Springs festival, and they rode the choo-choo! They absolutely loved it. Don't you like how much they enjoy rocking the shades?

They love to stand up in their carseats and look back at us and we load and unload their belongings.

We went to a "touch a truck" festival in Alpharetta, and Will and I rode the school bus. Is that Will? I don't remember who got in with me. I can't even keep track of my own children.

Here are Will and Marie testing out the dune-buggy!

Marie was sitting in a truck here, but I can't remember what kind. Maybe a fire truck?

They are fighting over who will drive the truck. Abby didn't want to ride anything. Every time I asked, she shook her head and said, "No."

Totally's Winnie wearing 3D glasses in bed. We thought it was kind of funny.

This was Will's 2nd haircut courtesy of Aunt Vivian. Rose was Vivian's assistant for this process.
Marie also needed a little snip-snip on her bangs. The other night I told her that her hair was getting long, and that she needed a haircut. I asked who would cut it, and she said, "Beeyan."

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