Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here or There

The kids have decided that their new favorite words are "aquí " and "allí," meaning here and there, respectively. When they want me to sit next to them, they say, "mama, aqui." Then, if they would like for me to fetch something for them elsewhere, they point to whatever they want or the room where they want to go and say, "mama, alli." They just boss me around right and left now. Those two words have been very powerful.

We had revised our sleeping arrangements (again!). Abby and Will now sleep in the nursery, and Marie is in the lone crib in the guest room. One night, she pointed in there and said, "alli," and she's been sleeping in there ever since. Will and Abby have taken to "reading" in their cribs at night before going to sleep. They each keep a book in their cribs, and when I put them down, they turn on their little crib night lights, open their books, and start flipping through and talking. Will's crib book is full of trucks. I hear him for 30 minutes saying "truck, truck, truck" in the monitor. At some point, he usually passes out without much complaining. It's gotten so much better than his 30-45 minute pre-sleep cry sessions.

We still have swim classes every Sunday morning, and last weekend, Alice was our 3rd set of hands in the pool. She said she was going to wear a maternity string bikini, but instead, opted for something with more coverage. She got to see the kids go up and down the water slide several times. They are obsessed with the slide. It's hilarious to watch them on it.

From swim lessons, they have learned to kick and blow bubbles, and they like to put those skills to good use in the tub now. It's even messier, and it grosses me out when they stick their faces in their dirty water and blow bubbles/drink bath water. As Abby now says whenever someone has a poopy diaper, "gross."

Well, here they are.....

They are quite the daredevils these days. See how Marie is about to jump from the ottoman to the couch. Will has on 3 different tops because he refused to take anything off. He had on his regular shirt, then he found his "truck" hoodie and had to have it on. Then, he wanted his monkey pajama shirt over that. The kid was sweating like a beast.

Here's Will in dada's flip flops. They all love putting on our shoes. Will , in particular, has a strange obsession with shoes.

Here is Abby flashing her smile. It's hard to believe she only used to have a couple of teeth!

Abby's hair is a bit crazy most of time...especially after meals because she feels the need to slather whatever she's eating in her hair. Her yogurt conditioner treatment is especially sticky and nasty. For that one, she just pours the leftover yogurt out of the bowl onto her head.

Abby is in the diaper box telling me to get her something "alli."

Do you think Will may be a musical prodigy? I mean look at him on the keyboard....amazing. Billy also plays songs on this tiny piano, and I told him he's the best baby pianist I've every seen.
Marie is as sweet as can be most of the time, but every once in a while, that girl can pitch a fit. Here she is starting to get herself all worked up.
Now, she's back to her sweet little self. She can turn it on and off.
I currently have videos uploading on youtube. I'll get those linked here as soon as they are done. I'm trying to get you all caught up on our world before May!

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