Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homeowner projects

So, because the show is on the DIY Network, the homeowners do have to participate in a few projects. Mostly, they give you crap you can't eff up too bad.

The kids did 2 projects. For one, they painted canvasses with red paint. The picture above is all of us with the show hostess.
This is how it turned out. Not bad, right?

The kids also helped install flooring the in sun room. Here they are with the show hostess and the 2 main carpenters. The hostess is Anitra, and the kids called her Miss Anitruck. They loved her and Mr. Joey and Mr. Mikey (the carpenters). Will keeps asking when they are all coming back.

One of my projects was these chairs. They were regular black chairs, and I sanded them all down so that they could put a red finish on them. They also bought plaid shirts at a thrift store and covered all the chairs. Such a good idea!

Billy nailed these slats to the roof in the sun room.

I helped frame the kids' play loft, but I totally sucked at using a nail gun. This thing was huge and powerful, and I nearly shot Mr. Joey's crotch the first time I fired it off. Then, the whole cast and crew thought it was going to be exciting to watch me, so they all stopped what they were doing and gathered around. The camera came in for a close up, and I was sweating bullets. I made it through the bit, but I think Joey was really happy when the camera man yelled cut, and he could take back the nail gun. He kept saying, "I trust you," in a way that sounded like he was only trying to convince himself. Apparently, someone had put a nail through his hand in another episode. At least I didn't do that.

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