Saturday, May 14, 2011


For those of you who haven't seen the pictures or seen it with your own eyes yet, meet our new Mega Den! It's so totally amazing.
Before, when you walked into our house, the first room you saw was the formal living room, which we were using as the kids' playroom. It was basically a toy dumping ground.
Mega Dens saved us from toy hell, and brought us family room heaven. They installed custom built ins, provided a 60 inch 3D HD television with XBOX 360 and Kinect.

Here is the room from another angle. They ripped out the wall between the living room and what used to be our family room to make it a huge space.
This used to be our family room. I didn't realize it sucked so bad until I got a Mega Den!It's a seating area, but it can be used for the kids to do crafts, as they get older for homework, play board games, etc. We will probably eventually convert this to our dining area, and we'll get rid of our dining room and make it either a home office space or knock out the wall leading to the kitchen and make a Mega Kitchen to match our Mega Den! This was our sunroom, which was yet another dumping ground for toys.

This is our new sun room, which is now the playroom. They installed window seats with storage underneath for toys, a window AC/heating unit so we can use the space year-round, new floors (made from recycled Nikes), painted, put in new light fixtures and window shades. It's so much more functional now.

Look at this adorable play loft they built for the kids. It's chalkboard walls inside and everything. They love it! We love it all! It was an incredible experience.

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