Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spanish Camp Numero Dos

They spent another few days learning espanol at Spanish camp. This time around, Marie had developed some separation anxiety so she was not quite as excited about attending camp. She's been clingy with me and has refused to spend the night out for a few weeks. She's missed her rotation at Mimi's house and at Pop-pop Bill's place. I guess it's just a phase, and I'll stick close while it lasts. It has been nice to get some one-on-one time with her when the other two decide to take off for weekend visiting.

Marie looks like she's been crying. Will and Abby are perfectly content.

Marie looks puffy again. Will is thinking, "Seriously? Is she crying again. Geesh."

Will is trying to make eye contact with this young lady. She's getting the stare down. I'm stalking you....

It was "cooking week" at camp so they made different food every day. I think they made Rice Crispy treats this particular day.

Playing with play-dough is always a good past time.

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