Thursday, December 11, 2008

Business Trip

I'm writing this update all the way from DC! I've been here on business since yesterday, and I go back tomorrow. It's really crazy to be away from the babies.

I left my house at 5 a.m. yesterday. My dad spent the night with us, and he insisted on driving me to the airport. I think Billy was a little scared of being left alone with all 3 babies at 5 a.m. for an hour and a half, but lucky for him, everyone stayed asleep. He said he didn't even realize my dad had taken me (even though I came in the room and told him before I left).

I didn't realize how inconvenient pumping would be when I traveled. I had to plan ahead and take a collapsible cooler in my bag, along with a million bottles to transport milk back. I had to check with airport security about being able to travel with it and with the airline to see if I should check it or carry on. Then, the actually pumping has sucked (ha, get it?).

I had to pump in a bathroom at the Atlanta Airport before I got on a plane. There was really no good place to sit so I just had to stand in front of the mirror with my pump hooked up as women came and washed their hands all around me. Then, I had to do the same in Washington when I landed. They had a little bench in that bathroom, which was better. While I was pumping, I sent Billy a text that said, "Landed. N shitter @ airport pumping. Good times." That summed it all up.

I went into our home office, and when I met one of my co-workers with whom I had only corresponded via phone and e-mail, she said, "You're Leslie? But you're so skinny." That made me feel better about my tummy pooch. I guess she was expecting some fat chick.

It's been nice to finally meet some of these people and interact with my colleagues. We had good meetings all day yesterday and today, and we have an all staff retreat (everyone in the company) tomorrow. I'm flying out right after that, and I'll be ready to go! I have to admit, though, it's been nice to get some rest and a little downtime. This business trip has been like a mini-vacation for me.

I've noticed that I can't shake a few of the new "mommy" habits I've developed. For example, whenever I eat, I devour my food instantly. I'm used to doing this at home because my time is so limited to eat. I have plenty of time here so I should take it easy. My co-workers must think I'm an eating machine. I'm done in 5 minutes, and they are still taking their first bite at most meals. Also having to do with food, I usually eat A LOT when I have a chance because I never know when I'll get my next meal. I ate 2 entrees at lunch today, and I went back for 2nds on the mashed potatoes.

All this food talk is making me hungry. I'm going to go to dinner all alone!

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Becky said...

I hope you were able to get a little rest...everyone needs a little escape every now and then to re-charge the batteries! I love these latest entries...I just can't get enough triplet info:)