Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Budding Personalities

Here's an update on each one of the baby's personality development. It's so fun to watch them grown and change and think back to how their little personalities are similar to how they acted in utero. Crazy stuff.


Well, she's not "Crabby Abby" anymore. Now, I call her "Abber Dabber" or just "Dabber." I don't know why, but I do.

She's the most cuddly and needy. She loves to be held and always craves attention. She's gotten to be super smiley, and I think she has learned to do this because the more she smiles, the more attention she gets.

She's super active, like I mentioned in a previous post about her rolling around. She was always the most active in my belly, too.

She has big eyes, and she always looking around at everything and everyone around her.

Her sleep schedule is a bit grueling. She barely naps during the day, and when she does, it's never at the same time as the other two. Will and Marie's napping has gotten to be a little more coordinated lately, but Abby is always awake when they are sleeping and usually falls asleep after they wake up. Therefore, there are not many times when everyone sleeps at once, which leaves me with very little free time.

At night, it's even worse for Abby. She usually goes to sleep alright, but she will only stay asleep for about 3 hours at a time. Then, she wakes up and wants to eat and snuggle. If I put her down in her crib when she falls back to sleep, she wakes up and looks up at me with a big smile-WIDE AWAKE! The smile is super cute, but at 3:30 a.m., it loses it's charm. If I don't pick her up, she'll cry and scream within a few minutes, and if that continues for too long, I have 3 crying babies at 3:45 a.m. NOT GOOD.

We have had a few nights where this cycle of cry, pick up, feed, fall asleep, put in crib, wake up, smile, cry, scream, pick up, feed more, fall asleep again, etc, etc. has gone on for 2 hours. It happened to me a couple of nights ago from 3:30-5:30 a.m. Just when I got back to bed and fell asleep, Will woke at 6 a.m. At that point, I made Billy go deal with it.

If we could just get the sleeping thing under control for her, she would be perfect.


I call her "little bear" because she likes to hibernate like a bear. She sleeps so much! She used to be "growlie" because before she would cry, she would growl. I alternate between "little bear" and "gummy bear" because when she smiles, she flashes all her gums on the top.

She's probably the most lazy of the trio, and she was the least active in my belly. She doesn't like to eat solids from a spoon because she has to exert too much energy. She much prefers to lazily suck on a bottle or a boobie, and she will suck down 8 ounces. The others typically take about 6 ounces.

She also doesn't try very hard to roll. She watches Abby do it and Will try, but I think she's thinking to herself, "Don't waste your time with that silly rolling crap. If you need to go somewhere, just cry until mommy picks you up and moves you."

She's still a crazy thumb sucker, but sometimes she's even lazy about that. When she is tired, she needs that thumb to go to sleep. Without it, she's a crying mess. However, she'll get very tired and start crying but will make no effort to find her thumb. She'll just stare at me and cry her eyes out. If I try to help get her thumb in her mouth, she freaks out even more. I just have to wait until she musters up the energy to move her finger to her face and then, she's out like a light. At night, she's been known to sleep 11 or 12 hours! That's what I'm talkin' about!


We call him "Willers," "Mr. Willers," and "Willy." He has found his voice recently. He makes all kinds of sounds, but his favorite is a loud, high-pitched scream. His eyes get huge and he screams, and he freezes his arms and hands all stiff and sticking out. It's really funny. He'll pause when he talks, and I'll urge him to continue by saying something like, "Tell me more," or "oh really?" He will look at me and smile and continue to chat away.

He really likes to sleep with a binky of some sort. He's partial to soft blankets. When he gets tired, he'll start off by chewing on the blanket and then rubs the side of his face against it until he falls asleep.

Will is also the most curious about his sisters. Sometimes we put them down side by side on a blanket on their backs, and he'll look at the girls, reach for them, smile at them, etc. The girls could care less about him. The are snotty little witches already. Poor Willers!

He also has this little shy smile thing he does. If someone looks at him and smiles, he'll smile back and then shield his face by burying into the shoulder or chest of whoever is holding him.

He's such a flirt! Alice took him out to dinner earlier this week, and she said that he was smiling at the waitress and flashing his big brown eyes at her. The little lady's man strikes again. He just can't help what a good looking little dude he is.