Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winnie is Amazing

This story is way too funny not to post. It's a classic Cooper tale!

Liane was going to use a new babysitter last week. It's a high school girl that lives around the corner from them. She was telling Cooper that she would be going out with Jason, but that Whitney was going to come and take care of him and Carley. Liane said that Cooper looked amazed at this news. He said, "I haven't seen her in a long time." Well, Liane was just thinking that was his way of relaying that he had never met the girl before. Then, he started asking questions.

First, he asked, "Will she feed us dinner at night?" Liane told him that yes, she would be arriving during dinnertime and would just finish up feeding them. Cooper responded, "WOW!" Next he asked, "Will she be able to tuck us in when it's time to go to bed?" Again, Liane told him that yes, she would do all that for him and Carley. Cooper had the same response, "WOW!" Liane thought it was a little weird that he was asking all those questions, but nothing is weird when it comes to Cooper.

Then, Cooper turned to Carley and said, "Baby Carley, Winnie is going to come take care of us when mom and dad go out." The whole time he was thinking that our dog, Winnie, was going to be their babysitter! Poor kid. Can you imagine what must have been going through his head? The mental images of Winnie feeding him dinner, reading him books, tucking him in, etc. Hilarious!

Liane said that when Whitney did show up, Cooper and Carley called her Winnie the whole time. Well, at least they got to see that she was a human and not a canine.


Amanda said...

Just like the Good Dog, Carl books.

If you haven't already gotten him something for Christmas. Those books will be right up his alley. They are all about a dog who takes care of a baby while the parents are away. Too funny!

Jamie said...

i bet you wish that winnie could help care for childern. she could've handled all those late-night feedings for the trips...instead, she just took up all the room in the guest bed while your helpers were trying to sleep.