Friday, September 4, 2009

More sleep talking

The last few nights have been a little rough with sleep. There's just so much to do, and I find myself staying up late to get everything done. Then, I have to wake up early and work. This full-time schedule is getting to me.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago, I feel asleep in bed with Will around 8. He was being fussy and wouldn't fall asleep. I think he was just jacked up because the evening had been action packed, and he was having a hard time winding down. Hurricane York (Cooper, Carley, and Chloe) had blown through our house that night, and they had brought along all the madness that accompanies their visits.

Liane and Jason brought over some pizzas, and the babies were going nuts eating it. I was chasing them around in the family room while eating a slice, and then, they all came up to me with their mouths open begging for some. Before I knew it, I was being attacked by all three of them, and they had eaten their way through 2 or 3 slices of my pizza! This was after they had already had their regular dinner. What a bunch of little piggies.

I was holding out a slice for Will to take a bite when all of the sudden, a black figure moved through, and the slice was gone. Winnie was back in action. She ate 3/4 of a slice without even chewing it. Everyone in the room was in awe of her ability to suck down food. Unfortunately, once she got a taste for Papa John's, she wanted more, and Carley was the next victim. Poor Carley was walking around, eating a slice, and trying her damnedest to avoid Winnie because Winnie scares the crap out of her, but Winnie was stalking her, and when she got her opportunity, she chased her down and stole her slice of pizza. Carley was pissed! She got another slice, but after that, she refused to put her feet down on the floor at our house. She had to be held.

Back to later that night....I fell asleep while putting Will to sleep, and I was passed out until 11:30 when Billy came to see where I was. Yes, it took him 3 1/2 hours to realize I was missing. He was very busy drafting his fantasy football players. I then got up and got ready for bed, but I wasn't able to go back to sleep for about an hour.

Then, the next night, Billy's dad came by, and he locked his keys in his car. He didn't realize it until late, and he had to call AAA to come out. By the time they arrived, it was 11:30. I was already in bed, and of course, so were the babies. However, when they popped the lock, his alarm went off, and I woke up, along with Will. He went back to sleep a few minutes later, but it took me a little bit.

I was working from home the next day so I knew I could sleep a little later than usual, and I was looking forward to a solid night of sleep. However, Billy decided he was going to wake me up not once, but twice with his stupid sleep talking episodes. It's been a while since he's done it, so I guess he was due.

The first time, he grabbed my leg, and said, "Who is this?" I was like, "It's my leg." He said, "No, it's Abby. Are you sure it's not Abby?" I said, "No, I can feel it, and it's my leg. You have your hand on my leg." He said, "Okay," and was back off to sleep.

A few hours later, he said, "What's with all this juice?" I asked, "What juice?" He then tried to explain that there was juice all over his side of the bed. I told him there was no juice, and he asked, "Are you sure?" Of course I was sure. It was 4 a.m., and who the hell would have put juice in our bed? When I asked him about it in the morning, he said he vaguely remembered the juice thing, and he thought he was asking about beef juice? What is beef juice? That makes even less sense now. He's so weird.

I hope that he got that out of his system and that I can get some uninterrupted sleep soon!

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Cheek said...

Ha! That's outstanding!

I wonder if beef juice tastes good...