Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Will is my little man. He's sometimes Willers or Mr. Willers or Wheel (that's what Carley calls him). He is just the goofiest little guy in the world.

He is quick to smile at us, but if you are a stranger, especially a male stranger, he will stare you down. It's like he's sizing men up to fight. You wouldn't believe how hysterical it is, and how many times people say, "My, he sure is serious," or "He sure can stare." He is the ultimate winner of all staring contests. It's really funny to see him do it.

It's funny to me how he's all boy already. How does that happen so fast? He whacks on everything, is super rough, beats on the girls, and just acts differently than they do. He just doesn't have all that girl drama. I think he's going to be the most easy-going.

Lately, he's gotten into this thing where he has to carry something around with him everywhere. It's like a security blanket, but it's not a's usually his hair brush. If you take it away, he freaks out. Sometimes, he'll carry around a ball instead, but whatever it is, he has a death grip on it. He will hold it through meals, bottles, playing, etc. He does everything with only one hand so that he can hold on to his little item with the other. He even falls asleep with whatever it is at night, and I have to go in and fish it out of his crib. If I don't go get it, he'll grab it first thing in the morning, and when I go get him, he's sitting up, grinning, holding the ball, brush, whatever in his hand already.

Will is a total brat when it comes to falling asleep at night and at nap time. He just doesn't want to rest. He will cry until he gags, and if I didn't go get him then, he would barf his guts out. His preference is that I put him in the big bed and sleep next to him, but I can't go to sleep at 7:30...there is too much to do after they go down. Therefore, I have to slip him back into his crib after he falls asleep and hope that he doesn't wake up. It's hit or miss.

The boy is obsessed with cabinets, doors, drawers, and anything else you can open and close. He could spend all day opening and closing cabinets, but he also enjoys climbing into them and making a mess.

The latest thing he's been working on trying to open and shut is the gate in the playroom. He's been successful in his efforts to open that a couple of times. That is not good. I don't know how we will keep the little animals caged in if he figures out an escape plan. How can a 22 lb person who barely knows a few words already outsmart us? We are definitely in trouble in the future.

He loves to eat. He shovels handfuls of food in his mouth, and he does this funny thing where he holds his hand over his mouth while he chews to keep food from falling out. I think cheese is probably his favorite food, but he also loves vegetables and banana bread a lot.

When he wants to give you a kiss, he opens his mouth huge and comes running across the room at you. You have to prepare yourself because he's going to slobber all over you. Plus, you can never be sure if he's just going to kiss you, or if he's going to bite.

Here are some sweet pics of my little man:

In Marmie's big bed-just the way he likes to sleep, with his head on the pillow.

My silly man showing off his grin.

My cabinet man-playing peek-a-boo in the tupperware cabinet.

This is how big he opens his mouth when he comes to give you a kiss. As you can imagine, it's pretty sloppy.

Typical boy--playing with his weiner.

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