Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last resort

Last Sunday, Will was not feeling well. He was feverish, cranky, had a runny nose, and was just generally miserable. We went to my dad's house for lunch as usual, and Cooper took a special interest in Will's sickness.

I was walking around holding Will trying to soothe him, and Cooper was following me, trying to help. He first suggested we put him in the crib because he might be tired. We tried that...Will cried harder. Cooper said, "That didn't work." The next suggestion was that we rock him. I sat in the rocking chair, and Will kept crying. Cooper said that perhaps singing would help. Therefore, we sang a couple of rounds of "Happy Birthday" and then "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Unsuccessful.

Finally, Cooper turned to me and said, "Leslie, I think he's going to need some teta milk." As I've mentioned in other posts, teta is the word for boob in Spanish. This was Cooper's last resort option. I told Cooper that I didn't have any teta milk; it was all dried up. His response was, "OH, BROTHER!" Then he said, "Well, I'll just ask my mom to warm him up a bottle." He looked very disappointed by this he knew it was clearly not going to work. That kid cracks me up all the time.

We ended up at an after-hours clinic with Will that night because I couldn't get his fever down--it was over 102 after taking Tylenol. When we got to the clinic, it was 104! He had tonsillitis, double ear infection, and his molars were breaking through. Poor little man. I spent 2 or 3 sleepless nights caring for him, but he's better now. I'm just hoping the tonsillitis doesn't spread to the little ladies.

Well, back by popular demand, I have new baby videos. Check them out below. I have drafted my tributes to Will and Marie, but I'm still putting the finishing touches on them. Those are coming soon!

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Cheek said...

I've never been so entertained by watching kids open and then shut capinets. Mind boggling.

Also, I couldn't help but wonder what was going through Marie's mind as she stood in the corner pulling containers out of the lower cabinets. Was she simply thinking, "I don't know what these are but I have GOT to get them out of here."