Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

These pictures were taken during a costume "sneak preview" session with Marmie. The kids loved their costumes and wanted to wear them everyday. They just wandered around wearing them for a few days before Halloween. Since Halloween, they have also been wearing their costumes daily. When will they get old?

We had tons of fun on Halloween itself. We roamed the neighborhood in our choo-choo wagon with the 4th wagon attached for adult treats...a cooler full of beer! Will was a tiger, and he did well with his roaring. Marie was the itsy-bitsy spider because that's her most favorite song in the whole world. Abby was a cat, but she probably should have been a dog because of her deep love of dogs.

They actually think all animals are dogs. They watch squirrels run around outside in the yard and scream, "DOG, DOG, DOG!" Michele now refers to all squirrels as "squirrel dogs."

Anyway, back to trick or was a bit wet and cold out there, but we still had fun. The babies were amazed by all the action in the neighborhood. There were so many kids everywhere. It was insane. Next year, the trio is going to have a blast.

At around 8:30, we turned out the lights and called it a night. I posted a sign indicating that nobody else should knock because we had babies sleeping. Do you think our neighbors thought we were a-holes?

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