Thursday, October 29, 2009

Public Pooping

Vivian has instilled her fear of public pooping on poor Rose. I don't mean dropping a load in front of people...I just mean the preference to poop in your home toilet. Rose prefers not to drop a deuce at school, but last week, she got brave with her bathroom behaviors.

When Vivian picked up Rose in the carpool line at school, Rose jumped in the car and reported to Vivian that she had a secret to tell her. Therefore, she whispered to Vivian, "I pooped at school today." Vivian tried to show her enthusiasm, and told Rose how great it was that she pooped at school and how proud she was of her and how she shouldn't be ashamed to poop at other places when she really has to go.

Rose then reported part 2 of her story..."It's still in my pants." Yepper, she had a turd in her underwear. Good times.

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