Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and the zoo

We had a great Thanksgiving again this year. I feel like I just wrote my entry from Thanksgiving 2008, and here we are in 2009. Time is just flying, and these kids have grown up so much it is truly amazing.

Last year, the babies just sat in their car seats or on a blanket on the floor at my dad's and at the Eklund's for our Thanksgiving meals, but this year, they were on the move. We spent most of the day chasing them, and we were all exhausted by the end of the day. However, as always, we are thankful for every minute we spend with them and with our families.

After we recovered, we spent the next afternoon at the zoo. The kids loved it, and even Aunt Teri got to join us for some animal fun!

Here's Abby trying to outrun a baby goat.

Will and Marie walking up to the goat to pet it.

Will is pointing at the goat screaming, "DOG!" They all thought every animal we saw was a dog. At one point, we were looking at kangaroos, and they all kept saying, "dog." Some old lady kept saying to them, "No, they are kan-ga-roos." Our kids would look at her, and scream "DOG." It was hilarious. She gave up. I guess they convinced her they were actually dogs and not kangaroos after all.
Look at the expression of sheer happiness on Abby's face. She loves animals. This was such a treat for her...especially the petting zoo area.

Our mode of transportation at the zoo was the choo-choo wagon. You should have seen how many looks we got, and how many people we heard commenting on them. One child pointed at the wagon and said, "I want to ride that." I guess he thought it was a zoo ride. We should have charged his parents $5 and let him on.

We went in this bird enclosure area, and the parakeets just flew all over us. The kids really enjoyed it. Abby kept saying, "bird" and making the sign for it. Yes, she knew they weren't dogs. She really is a genius.

Abby and daddy playing out on the deck at my dad's on Thanksgiving.

Will looking very handsome in his sweater and tie. He got lots of compliments on this look.

Marie was quite lovely in her little dressed selected by Pop-Pop Zeigler.

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