Friday, January 1, 2010

December All In One Post

Okay, so I'm behind on my posts, but I'm going to make up for December's lack of posting with a monster entry. I'll recap all the highlights and be ready to start the New Year back on track with at least 2 posts per week.

The pictures are not in chronological order. Sorry, but take what you can get, people.

Will is quite the caddy in the Wagners' back yard. Billy said he was enrolling him in the Wagner caddy school. Maybe he can caddy for his cousin, Drew, one day!

So, we got the kids these funny and super tacky Christmas outfits. They were velour with white fluffy trim. The girls' dresses also came with little capes a la little red riding hood. They were too cute.

Marie is modeling her dress while asking for more cookies. She's an eating machine.

Here is Will as the young Santa Claus.

Amidst the wrapping paper madness on Christmas morning! We started the day with Abby barfing several times starting at 5 a.m....all over me. Merry Christmas, Mommy! Somehow, she snapped out of it and made a big recovery. It was a Christmas miracle. We proceeded to run around Atlanta to make the family stops as we do all holidays. First, we hit Mems' for a late lunch, and after that, it was off to my dad's for the Cuban fare!

Will on Christmas morning using his new "Handy Manny" tools to put together some toys.

Abby smiling about her brand new giraffe workout bike. Her resolution for 2010 is to get more exercise.She's starting already...a bottle of whole milk and peddling away! Good times.

Alice gave each of my kids one of these little cars. She said she was the triplet's Oprah..."you get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car." Thanks, Aunt Alice! They love them. They don't know how to move around in them, but they sit in them and put snacks and drinks in the cup holder.

This is Rose's Princess Jeep. Marie and Abby also enjoyed it. We went to the Wagner's to play with everyone a couple of days after Christmas. Do you like Abby's pose? She's hilarious. We even took Winnie over to play with Alice's new lab, Max. They had a blast. Kibby had also rigged up hay rides for the kids. The Wagners come up with some crazy shit. He has a trailer that he filled with hay, attached it to his ATV, and then cruised around their 2+ acres hauling us all around.

This is not a great picture because of Abby's head, but Will's outfit is so cute, and this was the only picture I could find of him in it. Anyway, he's cooking at their brand new kitchen. Well, 2nd hand...thanks, Aunt Vivian and Cousin Rose!

Here is Marie relaxing with Winnie in her Christmas dress. This is such a lady-like pose.

Aunt Liane, Cooper and Carley passed down this bounce house. We blew it up in the play room one day when the kids were especially sad to cheer them up. Will was terrified of the noise, but Abby and Marie enjoyed it.

Marmie bought the babies a new house for Christmas. They love their little cozy cottage. Notice Abby climbing in through the back in the background. She much prefers that way in because Will typically guards the door and doesn't let the girls in.

Here are Abby and Will playing peek a boo through the house window.

They are really into phones. Marie especially is obsessed. This is the phone that goes in their little cottage, and she walks around holding it between her shoulder and ear (hands-free). She'll talk and talk and then say, "Bye-bye," and throw it on the floor. I can ask any of them, "Como se habla por telefono (how do you talk on the phone)?," and they immediately tilt their heads to the side to show how they hold the phone with their shoulders. I do that?

This was when they first got the house. I love the way Abby and Marmie are laughing. Everyone is dressed up because we took them to get holiday pics taken, but it was a disaster! Marie cried the entire time, they rushed up, there was a long wait, and we got zero pictures out of the whole thing. Oh well.

We did our own photo shoot when we got home and Marmie got a good shot for her Christmas card.

They look like wild, caged animals! When Billy leaves for work, they all run up to the gate and pucker up. It's adorable to see them give kisses.

Here are the girls in their Christmas dresses.

Marie laughing about something once she got home...after she cried her eyes out the whole time we were at the portrait studio. Typical.

We saw Santa several times this month, but the results were about the same every time. Will and Abby were somewhat fascinated by him, but Marie freaked out. She wanted nothing to do with him.

Mems bought everyone new toothbrushes and this is Will in front of the mirror before brushing him teeth. He loves himself. Really, what's not to love?

Our nanny bathes them in the sink because our sink is really deep. They make a huge mess every time. Here is Abby briefly pausing from splashing to pose for the camera.

This was at Marmie's office Christmas party. It was a really nice event. We were glad to be invited, and the kids had a great time.

The month got off to a crazy start because I got a new job! It's a really great opportunity for me, and I'm enjoying doing something a little different. However, I'm still in that weird phase of trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing, and I think everyone I work with is trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing as well. I hate that part of a new job. I know it will just take a couple of months to get in the swing of things.
The new job had a direct correlation with my lack of posting because I work a flex schedule: 7:30-4. I've been pretty much exhausted since I started. Waking up before 6 a.m. regardless of how many times the babies got up in the night is wearing me out. We've had to work on Abby's sleep habits.....a lot. She is just tough to break. She wants to be in the bed with us, and she seems to have an uncanny knack for knowing exactly when we get in bed.

We had put her and Marie together in one room and kept Will separate, but we decided to bunk up Marie and Will instead and let Abby work on crying it out. Liane was in an uproar about this. She thinks babies should sleep in the bed if they want, drink teta milk whenever they want, etc. She said that Jason keeps trying to get her to wean, but she comes up with excuses every time. Here are some of her favorites: but it's her XX month birthday, it's the weekend...that's a happy time, we're on vacation, Cooper hit her today, she may be getting sick, etc. The list goes on and on. Everyone one of them ends with "it's so sad." How does she come up with this, and how does Jason stand it?

They went to church on Christmas Eve and sat next to a lady who was breastfeeding. Alice said that was like putting a beer in front of an alcoholic. Chloe flipped out screaming for "teta milk" and pounding on Liane's front of God and everyone.

We are also currently trying to wean the kids from bottles. Marie immediately took to drinking her milk from a sippy cup and decided she's a big girl now. The other two are struggling. I'm not really consistent about making them drink milk from their sippies. I usually start with the cups, and if they don't finish, they get a bottle with the last remaining ounces. I can't put them to bed hungry and risk them getting up. Judge me singleton parents...I don't care.
I was telling a friend the other day that I need a little button I can wear at all times that says, "I have triplets. That explains everything." There are just those days when I'm a mess, and I feel like I need to tell people why that is. I know the instant they found out the circumstances, they would understand it all.
Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for reading my blog, and please continue to follow our crazy new adventures in 2010!

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