Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Guess who got a haircut? All 3 of my babies. They are so grown up now, and they needed a little stylin'. Will was looking like he had a baby toupee going on. Marie's hair was a million different lengths because of all the chopping Mems and I had done to it. Abby's hair was just a huge, tangled mess of curls.

I contemplated taking them to a fancy hair cutting place just for kids, but those are for singletons. Hair cuts are $20 a piece! WTF? I have 3 kids, and I needed this to be done economically. Seriously, they don't have that much hair. We opted for Great Clips. If it's good enough for their daddy, it's good enough for them!

This is Will before. You can see he's got a bit of comb-over going on.
Here is Will during his cut. He was such a big boy---just sat up in the chair by himself and let them cut away.

Check out his new do. He looks like a little man now.

This is Marie during her cut. She was moving around a lot so it was hard to get a good one.
We got her the "Dorothy Hamill," aka the bowl cut. It's an improvement.

Here is Miss Abby before her cut. See how long it is in the front?
During her cut...she insisted on being on my lap. She loved it when the lady sprayed her hair with water, and she signed "rain." BTW-We went for cuts right after swim lessons. That's why my hair is soaking wet, and I'm looking so scary!

You can't really see her hair so great, but it's the best pic I have of her post-cut. You can tell in the front that it's shorter. Marmie let them drink out of big boy and girl cups!

All three sitting in chairs at Great Clips after their cuts. It's impossible to get them all to look at the camera!

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