Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good ideas

I'm not quite sure where they come up with some of their genius ideas, but they come up with lots of them. Good idea #1: Act totally shocked that there is a big mess in the playroom. Deny any and all involvement in making said mess. His look says, "OMG, check out what Abby did in here!"

Good idea #2: Sleep on the floor next to your bed. It's so much more comfortable than your bed that is literally a few inches away.

Good idea #3: Ride Winnie like a horse. Luckily, Winnie is very tolerant. She's actually licking Marie in this picture. The poor dog takes so much abuse.

Good idea #4: Wear underwear on your head. Oh, while you are at it, cover your eyes. Don't worry, you won't fall and get hurt.

Same good idea here, but the expression on her face looks like she's high. Don't worry, good idea #5 is not get started doing drugs early.

Same good idea, but here is Will modeling the convenience store robber look.

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