Monday, February 28, 2011


Mimi and Pop-Pop Bill took the kids to a swanky kids' hair salon to get their dos done! Vivian does a good job at Papa's house, but we were overdue and lunch on Sunday had been canceled. They needed their hair tended to quickly. Also, Mimi wanted to give them a luxurious treat. They loved this place! Miss Marie got her bangs trimmed up and the back of her hair cut. I was going to even it out to an all one-length bob, but her shortest layers were chin length, and Billy didn't want her to go that short. We'll wait until the next cut to even it out.

This is Will's "after" picture. He got a big boy haircut. He's so grown up!

All three post-haircuts. They are happy to be sucking on lollipops...a perfect end to a haircut. My salon should give me a lollipop when I'm all done.

They loved the little cars to sit in for cuts. Abby kept saying she was going to sit in "carro bombero" (fireman's car). Marie said she would be in the "carro policia" (police car). Will didn't indicate a preference...typical. Will just goes with the flow.

Car swap!

New pose.
Will is being such a good boy for his cut. Look at Marie and Pop Pop waiting on the couch in the background.

Here's Miss Abby "crazy hair" Zeigler. They tamed her mane!

Does Marie look excited to be getting a haircut? That's quite a smile!

Here's Will in the police car. Also, very excited.

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