Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Aquarium

The kids had their first trip to the Aquarium, and they loved it.
Marie's favorite animals were the waddle-waddles, aka penguins, aka penguinos. She loved watching them.
Do you see Jaws moving in on Will?

Abby, make yourself comfortable. I'm sure the floor at the Aquarium is super clean.

Look at all the fishies!

This freakin' tunnel was on my nerves. My kids kept going in there and not coming out. Finally, two of their older friends went through and showed them the way, but Marie wouldn't climb through the last tube because it had clear plastic around two sides and only one strip of orange down the middle. I think she thought she'd fall through the clear area. I had to climb in and get her. It reeked of poop in those tunnels. Gross.

They liked getting up close and personal with every tank.
Upon coming home, they decided they were going to put up a fight at nap-time. Abby protested by sleeping half in and half out of her bed. Looks comfy, right?

Will sacked out at the foot of his bed, where they is no rail.

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