Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Triplet Comedy Shows

Honestly, I don't know how it is possible for 3 little people to have such huge, hilarious personalities! Mems e-mailed me this story about Will from when he spent the night with her: When we were in the car, a truck pulled out on our left and made a u-turn real fast and made a screeching sound. Will asked if the police would come. I said I don't know but you can call them if you want. He immediately put his hand to his ear and said "Police, yes,truck too fast, yes, Dada has penis (boy), Papa Nando has penis (boy),yes police, truck too fast, yes. " Marie was at Mimi's the week before and came home with red toenails. She took off her socks and said, "Will, wook at my nails." Will said, "Oh, Aree, I wuv them." He ran out of the room, and she cracked up laughing. She screamed to him, "Will!! Come wuk at my nails!" He ran back into the room and again said, "Oh, Aree, I wuv them." She laughed again, and off he went. This went on for about 15 minutes, with Marie laughing every time. Abby was in the bathroom with Marie the other day, and Marie went poop in the potty. (HOORAY!) Abby said, "Marie, I so proud of you. You such a good girl. Good job." She then proceeded to pat her on the back, help her off the toilet, and pick out new underwear for her. After that, she picked up the stool, moved it to the sink, and told Marie to wash her hands.

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