Friday, March 25, 2011

March Modeling Looks

I ordered the kids personalized Easter t-shirts. As soon as they arrived, the kids had to put them on. They are currently obssessed with their names. Everything must have their names on it or at least, their first initial. Of course, since these shirts had their names, they were thrilled! Abby and Marie's have their first inital shaped into a bunny on top and names underneath. Will's shirt has a W in a hatching chicks fabric, and under the W, it read "chick magnet." Perfect for him.
Billy thought the Easter t-shirt was a little gay so you can imagine that he didn't like Will in this dress. Will, however, loved spinning around and watching the skirt twirl. His cross-dressing tendencies have returned.

Above, Abby is illustrating two silly looks.
In this picture, Will is all boy--a vest (with no shirt on), sunglasses, and a remote control. Very manly. Hopefully, this offset some of the girly looks.

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