Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Will's Update

Don't let his devilishly handsome face fool you.....this kid is a maniac!

Will also loves to ride his bike, but he isn't particularly careful. He's a wild man.

Look at how calm and chill he looks. He's just resting as we drive from one location to the next. As soon as we open the door, he's ready to roll!

Will was not happy that the girls got ballet shoes and leotards. He asked, "Where's mine?" I had to remind him that he would be taking karate, instead of ballet. I observed the first class, and they do the ballet and karate in the same gym. Will hung out in the middle of the gym most of the class and would run back and forth between the classes. Poor boy is so confused!

He's so white and skinny. He's a really good eater, but he has no meat on his bones.

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