Friday, September 2, 2011

Cross Dressing Still Happens

Will loves to wear a nightgown. He also isn't afraid to carry around a purse. A few weeks ago, I took the kids to the park, and Marie kept saying she had to poop. I took her to the public bathroom 3 times, and I had to drag the other 2 with me each time. She would get on the toilet and say she didn't need to go anymore. So, the 4th time she asked to go, I said she could just poop in her pants. She looked at me like I was crazy, gave a big push, and diarrhea'd (excuse the spelling) herself. She called my bluff. Dammit. It was pouring down her legs, mosquitoes and flies were swarming her was ugly. I didn't let her play on the playground obviously, but Will and Abby were playing. Will was carrying a little pink purse in the shape of a heart. Another little girl at the playground ran up to him and said, "I like your purse." He said, "Thank you." He looked all proud of himself. The girl's dad was with her and looked over at me...all I could do was shake my head in shame. He said, "Maybe it's a man purse." I said, "It's pink and heart-shaped. He has two sisters. Doesn't stand a chance." Oh well.

Abby is now obsessed with Will's clothes. This striped shirt is Will's, but because it has some orange in it, she has claimed it for herself. She insists on wearing this shirt, an orange striped polo shirt, an orange shirt with a picture of a monkey on it, or Will's orange monster truck polo almost everyday. She wore the monster truck shirt and Will's cargo shorts to school today. Again, oh well. She's so cute when she dresses like a girl....

At least Marie remains gender appropriate. She still loves pink, or "rosado" as she calls it! :)

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