Sunday, October 30, 2011

More October Events

It's been a busy month for us! We've had birthday parties and play dates galore!

Here are the girls riding a pony at a birthday party. Check out the boots!

Here are Will and Marie at a different birthday party. They were really into these wheel barrows. They just pushed them around the whole time at the party. When it was time for cake, they pushed the wheel barrows right next to their seats, sang Happy Birthday, ate cake, and took off again with the wheel barrows.

Will is a super cool dude in his blue jeep. He already is picking up the ladies. This is our neighbor Kendall. She came up to the cul de sac to play with us, and before she got there, Will kept saying, "Kendall is going to sit in my jeep." He would point to the seat next to him. This is their first official date, I guess.

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