Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Finding Mimi

Mems had an open house because she recently moved. She called the event "Finding Mimi." The kids, of course, were the entertainment for the party. The kids love Gary. Well, they love to jump on the couch, and Gary happened to be sitting on the couch, so he got attacked. They were all over him and another of Mimi's guests that were trying to watch football. Sorry guys.

I'm also sorry to Mems' friend, Nicolette, who had on a low cut top, and was checked out by Will...numerous times. He is totally boobie obsessed. He would start talking to the lady, but his gaze would drop, and he would stop mid-sentence and stare at her chest. Nicolette told Will that next time she saw him, she was going to be wearing a turtle-neck. At least she took it all in stride.

Here's Abby doing her Elf on a Shelf impersonation. I can't believe it's almost time to get that thing out.

They lined up their chairs and said it was a choo-choo train.

Abby stayed at Mimi's after the party. The next day, she wouldn't let go of that baseball glove. She says she's going to play baseball when she's bigger and that Papa Nando is going to show her how. Will says he's going to play golf with daddy. Marie says she's going to play soccer. So funny that they have already decided these things. I think I'm going to be busy running them around to sports!

Mems bought these shadow/memory boxes for each of the kids. She has them pick out their favorite pictures, and she puts them in there with stickers that represent them and sayings. They have turned out really cute. This is Abby working on hers. Mems said that she had definite ideas of what pictures she wanted to use, and she would not be swayed into the ideas Mems had. She's a strong-willed girl! (Okay, stubborn....I can't imagine where she gets that quality.)

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