Thursday, October 13, 2011

So Stylish

Michele styled every one's hair the other day. They never let me do their hair. They typically run off to school with bed head. Abby especially has a tangled rat's nest that sits on her head everyday. She twists her hair at night, and she gets nudos (knots in Spanish). When she has lots of them, she'll say, "I had a rough night." The nudo twisting is her stress relief. Who knew being 3 could be so stressful?

Her hair looks so much better this way. These little braids are adorable!

Marie's hair is long, straight, and thick. Michele got hers into a fancy French braid. She was very proud of it.

Once Will realized the girls were getting braids, he demanded his own. When he was told that his hair wasn't long enough, he requested pony tails. This hair style makes him look like a white rapper. He needs a good nickname. Will-Z, Widdy, Vanilla Pudding...all viable options.

Just had to throw a few random shots in here. Marie is making her, "I'm very good at faking I'm upset face" here.

Here's Abby...shockingly, she's dressed in orange. I like that she has on boots with this ensemble. The girl is not afraid to mix and match.

Will--what a little charmer. Look at this face! I have to squeeze him all the time. In fact, I must go do that right now.


Laura Tamman said...

I vote for the stage name "Vanilla Pudding." It is sweet but sassy. Just like Will.

Zeigler Fam said...

I tend to agree that Vanilla Pudding suits him well. Look for his CD to drop soon. It will be a compilation of songs about boobies. :)