Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Car Seats

Billy and I went to Babies R Us yesterday to look at car seats and see if any would fit 3 across in the back seat of our Pilot. I wanted to go ahead and start registering, but Billy has a one track mind and could only focus on car seats yesterday. I think he was also anxious to come home and play on his XBOX. I wish that thing would break down so it wouldn't occupy so much of his time.

Anyway, back to the car seats. Billy extensively researched the width of various car seats online before we went to the store, and he knew that the Chicco KeyFit was the most narrow model they carried. Therefore, we had a couple of the guys who worked at the store bring 3 Chicco car seats out to our car and install them to see if they would fit. You should have seen people in that store staring at us as we came by with 3 car seats. I had to giggle to myself because it was such a ridiculous scene.

They were able to fit all 3 car seats in the Pilot, with barely a couple of inches to spare. It looks like it's going to work, but it's only delaying the inevitable. Once they graduate to the forward facing seats that are bigger, we won't have the room for them. It will definitely be mini-van time then.

In the afternoon, we took Winnie to the vet. She goes about every month for some small issue to which I usually overreact. Everyone at the vet's office knows me and her, and they all love her. Billy says its because she keeps them in business.

The latest thing was a little growth over one of her eyes. It had been there for about 2 weeks and the swelling had not gone down. It turned out it was basically just a zit. The vet popped it and sent us home.

We told the vet about our expanding family, and she must have been thinking that she felt sorry for our pediatrician. If I bring my dog into her office almost monthly for stupid things like zits, I am going to be at the pediatrician's office daily with three babies!

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Becky said...

Hip Hip Hooray! At least you don't have to add a new care to your registry! That would be one heck of a gift! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better...now get to eatin'!!