Monday, February 25, 2008

Who's Who in my Womb?

I had my appointments today with the perinatal specialist and the ob. The nurse at the perinatal specialist's office started measuring my cervix today to give us a baseline to use as comparison as we continue through the pregnancy. Each time I go in, they will measure my cervix to see if it is shortening, and if so, my activity will be more and more restricted. We got some good news today-I have a super long cervix! An normal/average cervix is about 4 cm long, but mine is 5.8 cm, which is crazy. This is good news because it means that even if the weight of the babies and their baggage (fluid, placentas, etc.) put pressure on my cervix, there is more space for it to shorten, without it being too problematic. This could mean delayed bed rest and/or being able to keep them in me for longer. We are so glad that finally there's something to help us feel better!

The other exciting news we got was that we know who our boy is and which ones are the girls. Baby C, who is furthest up in my uterus is the boy, and he looks like he has the most room. The girls are right next to each other closer to bottom of my uterus (Babies A & B). At one point during the ultrasound, the girls put their little heads together, and it looked like they were whispering to each other. I kidded that they were probably plotting ways they could annoy their brother up top. The ultrasound technician said that he would be a good husband because he's going to have to get used to being in tight quarters with women.

The other things they looked at today were the babies' kidneys, stomachs, brains, hearts, spines, and anything else we could see. We could see most of Baby C, even one of his little legs! Baby A showed us her hand. She had it resting on her head for a while, but she didn't want to show us her lady business. She kept her legs crossed tight for most of the exam. There was only one time that the ultrasound tech got a glimpse, and said she thought it was a girl.

My weight was up 7 lbs since the last visit, and everyone seemed pleased with my progress. My total weight gain has been about 14 lbs. I need to keep up at least a 1 lb gain/week. Once I get past 24 weeks, they want me gaining closer to 2 lbs/week.

The doctor said I probably wouldn't feel them moving for another couple of weeks. It's weird to see how active they are on the ultrasounds, but not be able to feel any of that movement inside of me. I'm sure once I actually start feeling it, I will be begging for it to let up because it will be so annoying with all 3 making a fuss in there!


Amanda said...

Hooray for you and your long cervix. That is great news! I really hope you can put off bed rest for as long as possible! On your blog registery, can you specify which triple decker you want? One is to be used with only Graco seats. The other can be used with Evenflo, Embrace, Discovery, On My Way, Cozy Carry, and PortAbout. Happy turkey eating!

Jamie said...

I never thought I would have an occasion to say this, but here goes, "Congrats on the super long cervix."