Saturday, February 16, 2008

Out of the woods

I don't want to jinx myself, but I haven't thrown up since last Friday when I had my horrendous day of barfing. I think 14 1/2 weeks was my magic number. The only problem is that I thought I would be hungry once the nausea/vomiting subsided, but I'm still not really hungry. I know I need to eat so I force myself to get something down every hour or two, but I never really feel particularly like eating anything. Maybe that will change soon.

Now that I'm past the bad stuff, I've started thinking about all of the things we are going to need for these babies. I have had so many family and friends offer to give me or let me borrow baby items. That has cut back tremendously on what I will need to register for. The only problem is that there are several specialty items for triplets that normal retailers, like Babies R Us, don't carry. Amanda suggested I post my triplet "wish list" on the blog. I am going to get on that in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the idea, Amanda!

I am going to wait a little while because on March 1st, I'm going to a consignment sale for multiples. I'm going to look for some of the specialty items I'm interested in there and try to get some good deals. I heard this sale is insanse! It takes place a couple of times a year, and there is usually a line to get in. I joined the group that puts it on because as a member, you can get in to the sale an hour and a half before the public. I need to get a jump start on all of those crazy multiples moms! Mems is coming with me to help me knock down other triplet moms competing for triplet strollers and other high-end items.

I realized that we had a lot of prep work to do for these babies on Valentine's night. We went to a thing called "Love at the Zoo." It was a dinner event at the zoo followed by some presentations about animal mating behaviors. At dinner, they had us sitting at tables with other people. The Curator of Large Mammals was sitting at our table, and he was telling us about the elephant at the zoo who is currently pregnant. He told us that her bun cooks in the oven for 22 months, and her baby/calf usually weighs about 200 lbs! I said I sure was glad it wouldn't take me that long, and that I wouldn't have a baby that huge.

Of course, everyone then felt they could ask how far along I was, etc. Nobody wanted to say anything before that, even though I have a massive belly. I told them I was almost 15 weeks, and one lady at the table said she just looked fat at 15 weeks, but I actually looked pregnant because I just had a belly. I let them all know it was triplets, and after a few seconds where several of our tablemates tried to figure out it we were serious or not, one guy asked, "Are you guys ready for three babies?" My honest answer to him was, "Not a bit." It almost felt ridiculous to admit that we lived in a 2 bedroom condo with a 90 lb lab. Dear God, we really need to sell our condo!

Billy has started getting all into the prep work lately. He said that when he's feeling bored, he looks at triplet stuff online. His main area of interest has to do with car seats. He's been searching message boards to figure out if 3 of them are going to fit into the back seat of the Pilot. Then, he even looked at prices for mini-vans. I don't feel quite ready for a mini-van, but I don't know how things are going to go once these babies are here. I think 3 car seats are going to fit across the back seat of the Pilot, but I'm worried about how easy or hard it will be to get everyone in and out, especially the baby in the middle. We're just going to have to wait and see.

We were going to go to Babies R Us this morning to look at car seats and start registering, but Billy spent 4 hours online playing old Nintendo games instead. Again, I go back to my point that we may not be mature enough to handle these babies. Anyway, we decided Babies R Us would wait until Monday. He has the day off, and we figured that the crowds there would be lighter on a weekday than the weekend.

We also have started discussing baby names now. I guess the names Baby A, B, and C aren't going to work forever. We have come up with three, but we aren't 100% sure yet. Once we feel more certain, I will reveal some of the options.

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