Thursday, January 1, 2009

December Pictures

Here is Will in one set of his Christmas pajamas. Yes, they had multiple Christmas pajamas. Mems bought them some, Maureen and my dad did also (pics of those in the next post), and we had some in the many hand-me-downs that we received.

Here are Abby and Marie in their Christmas pajamas. It looks like they were having a conversation and just stopped to look at the camera.
You can see how Marie is standing (with support). They are all getting really strong, and want to push up with their legs when they are held.

Here are Abby and Will having some together time on the floor. Abby looks so happy to be hangin' with her brother, but Will does not appear to be thrilled about the situation.

Here is Winnie going to town on a baby bib. As soon as meal time ends, I hand the bibs over to Winnie because she pulls them out of the hamper if I don't. She then proceeds to lick off every scrap of food on them. She's very fond of baby oatmeal cereal.

Here are the kids in their BebePod chairs. Marie quickly figured out how to spin the toy in front of her, and Will was watching her do it to see if he could copy her. They aren't quite strong enough to hold themselves up in the chairs. You can see that Marie is tipping to her side, and Abby is leaning forward. I think they'll have it down in a couple of weeks. They are getting better and better in the seated position.

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