Sunday, March 1, 2009

Abby Update

We went to see the cardiologist, and Abby's little ticker is just fine. The doctor said that sometimes with fair skinned, Caucasian babies, you can just see more of their vasculature (blood vessels). He said that it is not uncommon, and doesn't really mean anything. His recommendation was to keep her in socks to keep her feet warm and a good pair of gloves. Neither one of those works because she tears them off and/or sucks her feet/hands with them on there and makes them even colder and wet. Oh well. As long as it's not anything to worry about, it's fine by me.

I told Billy that his Gringo blood messed up our baby...these "Caucasians" with their pasty skin. The doctor was Hispanic so he got a kick out of that comment. Hopefully, Will and Marie will have a little more color so we won't be able to see all their little veins.

We also got the results on Abby's belly x-rays, and those were fine also. They saw no blockages or masses.

Now I'm scared because Billy said that if she was fine, it was time to start letting her cry it out at night. I guess we'll get that cranking soon. It's breaking my heart to think about it.

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Jamie said...

Glad Abby is A-OK! And is picking up older men, to boot (depicted in prior post). Atta girl!