Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Picture Time

Mems took this picture of the trio when she and Bill babysat for us earlier this month. Abby has been making the funniest faces lately. She looks like a little old lady without her dentures when she smiles now.
Abby has a boyfriend. Mems had a baby "viewing party," where she invited her friends to come by and check out the trips. This little guy took a liking to Abby right away. I asked him if he liked her, and his response was, "I like girls."

Here is everyone in Marmie's bed. They had a sleepover on Valentine's day/night so that Billy and I could go out and enjoy the evening together and get some sleep. I guess Abby had an accident in her pajamas and ended up in boy jammies. She does look like a baby boy in the blue. I have to get her ears pierced!
Will is with a friend of the Zeigler fam at the viewing party. Of course, he's all about being held by the pretty ladies.
Marmie took this picture as she packed up Marie to bring her home when they spent a weekend together. Mems swears that Marie is always looking forward to returning home, and she said that in this picture, she's waving good-bye.
Marie is back in the comfort of her own home in this picture. She's just lounging on the big chair with a blanket.
This is Abby when we were getting her all ready for the viewing party. The hat was cracking me up.

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kmehawkeye said...

hey! great pictures. Is abby ok??