Friday, April 17, 2009

All by myself!

This morning I had to take Abby to PT, and Will also needed to be evaluated. Usually, I get some backup support from family when I have to take her to her appointments so that I don't have to haul around the trio, but ty dad is currently out of town, and Billy's dad blew out his back. Therefore, Marie was going to be joining us whether she liked it or not.

Our appointment was at 11, which I was already dreading because that's their usual nap time, and let me tell you, they take after daddy...grouchy, grouchy if they don't get the sleep they need. I used to be that way, but now that I've adjusted to very little sleep and constant interruptions, it's not so bad. If I had not adjusted, Billy and I would probably be divorced right now. Two grumpy, sleepy people would not be able to co-exist.

Anyway, we did our usual morning stuff...change diapers, unload the dishwasher, pump milk, have bottles, change diapers, eat breakfast, change diapers, change clothes, play in the playroom, change diapers, and then at around 9:45 a.m., I started getting us ready to go. We were planning to leave at 10:30, which means that yes, we needed at least 45 minutes to get out the door. Isn't that awful? There's just so much to consider:
-ask Billy to remove the double stroller from the car, dig the triple one out of our garage storage room, and load it into the car
-pack diaper bag-bottles, diapers, change of clothes for boy and girls, in case of blowouts, toys to keep them entertained, etc.
-get 3 babies into car seats while they squirm around and try to jump out
-pull the car out to make it easier to load them
-take babies out to the car in two trips (I do 2 babies first and then 1 plus the diaper bag.)
-lock up the house
-get to appt and have to set up the triplet stroller
-unload each baby and place them in the the triplet stroller in the right order (if you load the top baby first, the thing flips over.)
-grab my diaper bag
-push that monster into the office

....and it's 11:05! I almost got there in time. We have PT, which is fine. Abby is doing great, making progress. Will had to be evaluated because he acted like a big dope at his 9 month doctor's appointment and decided he wasn't going to sit up. They thought he should be sitting, which he is, but they wouldn't believe me, so off he was sent to see Ms. Cindy, our Physical Therapist. He sat just fine for her, and she said he didn't need to come back, although she would welcome him as a spectator.

We get home, and it's time to unload, which is also an ordeal. They were all asleep, and Winnie needed to go out and was at the door barking. I decided to leave them in the car and take Winnie out in the front so that I can listen out for them if they cry. Winnie and I walked around for a bit, and she did her business. I took her inside and started bringing in the babies. When I brought in the last one, Winnie tried to make a break for it again and dashed out the front door. I knew I couldn't go chasing her through the neighborhood and leave the babies inside. Luckily, my lighting fast reflexes allowed me to grab hold of Winnie's tail and reel her back in. Sorry about that Winnie, but I couldn't let you escape. She looked at me like she was highly offended by my tactics, but it worked.

Then, the babies woke up one and by one and started crying. They had bad morning naps, and they were hungry and uncomfortable from being in their seats so long. Total madness breaks out. Now I realize why I don't do this alone very often. However, now that I know I can do, maybe I'll give it a shot more.

I was feeling inspired after the outing so I decided to take the kids for run in the triple jogger in the afternoon. I walked some and ran some, but a little running is better than nothing.


kmehawkeye said...

I'm so proud of you! Wow...that exhausted me just reading about the process. I bet it felt good to run. Yay you!

Amanda said...

You go girl! You are so lucky no blow outs occured. That always happens at the WORST possible times. Way to go!