Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Picture Time

This is Marie's "rabbit face." She crinkles up her nose and snorts in and out. It's hard to catch her at just the right time to get it in action.
Will looks all comfy and cozy in his crib. I think this is after he woke up from an afternoon nap. Michele took the picture. I love coming home from work and finding new, cute pictures on the camera.
I thought this picture of Abby was so funny. She looks like she's thinking, "I just got up. Why the hell is that camera in my face?"
I was taking pictures of the girls the other day, and will started jumping around like crazy. I turned to see what he was doing, and it was as if he was trying to pose for pictures. He just kept smiling and looking at me. What a little ham!
Here are Abby and Marie in bed together. They like to hang out together in the crib. The newest thing they all do is scoot to the edge of their cribs, push down the bumper pad and yell to each other and laugh. Will is in the middle so he scoots to the right and left of his crib, constantly searching out which sister is awake and can "talk" to him. It's usually Marie, and she dies laughing when she sees him peek over his bumper. It ends up taking them forever to fall asleep at nap and bed times because they have to go through this whole process of looking for each other, talking, laughing, crying, and finally sleeping.

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Teri said...

Rabbit face kills me everytime!