Saturday, April 25, 2009


Billy got some baby videos up on YouTube. Here are the links:

In this clip, they are waking up from naps.

Abby is jumping like crazy and making Marie crack up.

Here's the whole crew playing in their chairs.

This is Marie's reaction to food she does NOT like.

Will and Abby are fighting over toys in this clip.

Will is showing off his crawling abilities here.

By the way, I forgot to post their most recent stats from their 9 month appointment:

Abby-18 lbs , 3 oz (50th percentile) and 29 1/2 inches (90th percentile)
Marie-17 lbs, 4 oz (25th percentile) and 28 inches (55th percentile)
Will-18 lbs, 1 oz (20th percentile) and 28 1/2 inches (75th percentile)

Also, news flash: We had the girls' ears pierced. They look so adorable with their little earrings! If you zoom in on the pictures from the last post, you can see them. Abby has gold hearts and Marie had stars. Each earring has a tiny diamond in it. They have to learn early that diamonds are a girl's best friend!

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