Thursday, April 23, 2009

Zeigler Family Medical Day

On Tuesday, almost every member of our family saw a medical professional. I was the only one who wasn't poked or prodded. Abby and Will had to get their eyes checked, and the doctor just looked at Marie's quickly for good measure. Billy had a yearly physical, and Winnie had her knee evaluated.

Will and Abby had to see the opthamologist because it was recommended at their 9 month doctor visit. Apparently, when they looked in Will's eyes at the pediatrician's office, they couldn't see a red reflection, and they are supposed to see both a white and red reflection. They said it could be the start of a lazy eye. Oh crap, Liane gave us a rotten egg! She also had/has a lazy eye, but my sisters and I always referred to it as her "crazy eye." That eye would go off it a totally different direction that the one that was focusing in on you. It was nutty. We would taunt her by having her follow two fingers (one on each hand). First, we would hold them together and move them around, and then, we would separate them and watch her freaky eyes go in 2 directions. She had to wear a patch on her good eye to strengthen her bad one, and she ended up having a couple of eye surgeries to correct it. I told Liane she gave me a faulty egg, and she said I knew what I was getting in to, and I took my chances.

Abby needed a vision check because the physical therapist and nurse at ped's office thought it would be a good idea to rule out any vision issues, since she continues to have a slight head tilt. They just want to make sure that we are doing the right thing by just treating her with physical therapy.

It turned out that they were both farsighted. The opthamologist decided to take a peek at Marie also since there was a pattern. He said he wanted to look at everyone again in 5 months to see how things were going. The farsightedness wasn't a big concern for now-we just need to make sure we follow-up regularly.

From the opthamologist, Billy dashed out to the doctor for his yearly physical. They took his blood pressure as soon as he got there, and it was high. He was running late and had just come from the kids' eye appointment, where they were all screaming their heads off. Can you think of any reasons why his bp might have been elevated? They suggested he modify his diet-low sodium, high fruits and vegetables, limited fat, etc. Basically, it's a healthy diet. There's about a 0% chance Billy will stick to that. In fact, that very afternoon he ate fast food.

Billy also discovered that he has Michael Jackson disease! It's actually called vitiligo. He has white patches developing on his hands and face. He has to see a dermatologist.

Winnie was next to see the vet. I told Cooper that Winnie went to the doctor, and he started laughing and said, "Wasie, you're siwy. Dogs don't go to the doctor."

As I mentioned previously, Winnie blew out her ACL some time ago. There's another term for it in the dog anatomy world, but I don't remember what it is. We had put off having her surgery...mostly because it was going to cost a small fortune, but also because we were quite busy with our trio. Anyway, we wanted to have her evaluated at UGA Vet School and get an estimate on the surgery from them, because they tend to be a little cheaper than other places. Tuesday was her evaluation, but they had a surgery opening Wednesday morning so we decided it was time to get it done.

We weren't mentally prepared for leaving her there. Billy said that he asked to say good-bye to her, and a vet student brought her out. As soon as Winnie spotted Billy, she broke out in a sprint and dragged that poor girl behind her. Billy asked if she had given them any problem during the tests they ran, and they told Billy that any time they did anything to her that hurt-a shot, moved around her sore knee, etc., -she just licked them. That's our Winnie! She'll be home on Saturday, and we have to do a lot of prep work before she arrives. We need runners on our hardwood floors and gates blocking the stairs. This is going to be a rough recovery.

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