Friday, June 19, 2009

Boys and their balls

I'm not talking about baseballs, basketballs, footballs, etc. I'm talking about their actual balls, or shall I say sac, scrotum, nards, beans, nuts? Whatever. Will's obsession with them and his winky has already begun. Why does it start so soon?

Whenever I try to change Will's diaper, he reaches down and grabs himself. Fine, I get feels good. However, when he has crapped himself, and it's everywhere, I don't want him to reach down and grab a handful of poop. Inevitably, this happens almost daily now.

I guess I have to get used to it. This behavior will now last the rest of his life. Hopefully not the grabbing a handful of do-do, but the whole messing with his willy is going to just get worse.

Speaking of terms for male anatomy, I have a funny story from our beach trip with Marmie. Mems was talking on the phone to someone about a broken toilet in one of the units she manages, and she said it needed a new ball-cock. I turned to Billy and said, "Mems said cock and balls." Well, Mems heard me, and she asked the lady on the phone, "It's called a ball-cock, right?" Then, Billy and I lost it. We started laughing uncontrollably. Mems started laughing too, but she was trying to make a serious call, and she had to hold it in. She kept telling us to stop, but she couldn't stop herself either.

Again, I have to ask: are we mature enough to be parents? Shouldn't we be able to hear silly words without cracking up? We're going to be hopeless when the kids say things they shouldn't. We'll just laugh.

Even though we aren't mature enough to have kids, we do, and here they are:

Sisters just hanging out on the couch. They look so big!
We decided to take a dip in the baby pool today to cool off. It was in the mid 90s here. I put a bathing suit on Marie, but Billy said we could go all redneck and have the others half-naked since we were in the backyard. They had a great time splashing around.

We used our choo-choo wagon for the first time this week. Isn't this thing hilarious? They really enjoyed the ride. Do you think we got noticed walking around the neighborhood with this thing?

They all love this little corner of the playroom between the couch and the wall. They like for us to chase them, and they will crawl into this corner to hide. They peak out from around the couch and laugh hysterically when they see one of us. They are just so interactive now. We are having more and more fun everyday.

Since I had a picture of the girls without Will, I had to get a shot of him solo. Doesn't he look adorable? Not like the kind of boy who would grab himself every chance he gets.

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kariyuhas said...

We had to have a talk with Drew about when it's ok to grab his man parts...I wanted to say, "Never," but I know I have to get over this. A few months ago when he was taking a bath, I had to tell him that it was not ok to touch himself when other people are in the room. So, did I seriously just clear the way for him to go to town when no one is around?! I feel your pain. Luckily, he's rejecting potty training right now, so he's still in diapers and on lockdown when he's alone in his room. This situation is sooooooo awkward.