Saturday, June 27, 2009

Diarrhea (again!)

Last Saturday, we had just another great morning in the day of triplets. I was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher, and Billy calls out that he needs me immediately. I walk into the family room to find him holding up Abby at arms length and making a face. She has brown all around the butt of her outfit, and he says, "Quick get him," and motions to Will.

I quickly turn my attention to Will to see that he has brown all over his HANDS! Abby has leaked poop on the floor, and he has decided it might be a good idea to play with it. In the meantime, Winnie runs over and starts to try to eat it off the floor. Could this really be happening at 7 a.m.? This day was not getting off to the right start.

Luckily, Will still hasn't gotten the whole idea of picking things up and putting them in your mouth to eat. He gets puffs, fruit, and basically anything I give him to eat plastered all over his hands, and then, he holds out his hands and screams to indicate to me that they are dirty, and he would like for me to remove this slimy stuff. He never tries to get any of it in his mouth. Now, with the poop on his hands, I was thrilled that he had not met this developmental milestone!
Also, thankfully, Marie was not home, or else she would have also been in the middle of that mess. She spent the night at Marmie's house last Friday. Therefore, we only had 2 babies to clean up, one dog to shoo away from the poo, and one section of carpet to clean. Easy's all about teamwork.

That poopie episode quickly turned into a day full of poops. Abby and Marie had all out diarrhea and a lot of it! Will held up fine (diarrhea free) all weekend, but as soon as it cleared up for the girls, he came in strong with is own case. Now he's throwing up and pooping like crazy. Good, smelly times at the Zeigler headquarters!

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You're gross; get a life