Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hamming it up!

I had to share some especially cute pictures!They all love to stand. This little table lights up and plays songs when you push buttons. It's intended for one baby so you can tell it's a little tight with the trio crowding all around it. Sometimes, one will get super-possessive and just hunch over all the buttons and crowd the others out. That's when fights, screaming, slapping, and biting break out. Madness!

We started trying the feeding table again last week, but it didn't go over so great. They were grabbing each other's hair, slapping, poking in the eyes, etc. We quickly decided to move back to our highchairs. I think the table is going to be great in a couple of weeks when we try coloring. It will be good to have them contained so that they don't color all over the place. We can also do play-dough here. It will be a great activity table.

What is with Abby's little leaning forward pose? Notice Marie's bed head? There's an even better shot of it below.

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