Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Videos

Here are Abby and Marie doubled up on the baby swing at the park:

I'm teaching the kids new tricks in Spanish. I tell them to clap in Spanish (aplauso), and they do it. I ask them who says no (quien me dice que no, que no), and they all shake their little heads. It's hilarious. I'm working on waving now. I say, "Hola!," and Abby and Marie wave. Will still claps. He's a little confused. I'll film that one when they have it all worked out. In this video (below), Billy is trying to get them to do their tricks, and you can see his head shaking. Abby looks totally disinterested in his request. She's all caught up counting her fingers.

Here is Will swinging:

Here is everyone eating lunch and getting super messy:

We are currently at the beach so I'll have some pictures from that when we return. This has not been a relaxing vacation, but it's been an adventure! We are learning a lot and figuring out how to do this along the way. Many thanks to Mems for providing us a free place to stay and helping care for the little ones. We don't know how we would have done it without her.

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Cheek said...

I understand that Abby and Marie were both crammed into one swing seat...but how freakin' laid back does Will look while he is swingin'?! Awesome stuff!