Sunday, July 5, 2009

Croup all around

We landed back at the emergency room at Children's last Friday. This was our third visit, if you are keeping track. One year, three visits to the e.r....averaging about 1 visit/child/year. Is that about right? How many times do new parents end up in the e.r. with their first baby? This time, it was Marie who had the more severe symptoms.

On Thursday, Will and Abby went to the doctor because they were coughing, feverish, barfy, etc. I was pretty sure we had some ear infections going on, and I was right. They were put on antibiotics and sent home. They passed out when they got home, but when they woke up, they had a new symptom-dry cough, like a seal. I instantly thought it was croup so I called the doctor's office right back, and they said that it was probably just hoarseness.

Then, on Friday, Marie started developing symptoms. It wasn't too bad so we weren't very worried. Abby went off to spend the night at my dad's, and I put Marie down to sleep. Billy put Will down. About 30 minutes after Marie fell asleep, I heard some weird sounds coming from her room through the monitor. I went up there, and she was gasping for air. I picked her up, and after a few seconds, she started breathing a little better. I immediately called the doctor, and she said that it was going to keep happening all night, and we better head to the hospital. I decided to take along Will because I figured it would just be a matter of time before he started the same thing.

She was diagnosed with croup right away, and so was Will. They were given oral steroids, and we were told to keep them on Motrin every 6 hours to help alleviate some of the swelling in their throats. We were also instructed to bring Abby back to the e.r. the next day to get her steroids.
Since then, it's been lots of sleepless nights. I also caught adult croup, which is basically a bad cold, and my nose won't stop running. I cough some also, but it's not that bad.

Billy's dad (Pop-pop) stayed with us Friday night. Marmie spent last night, and my dad will be with us tonight. They help a lot with Will, but Marie only wants me at night. I told Billy that we have an unhealthy attachment, just like the unhealthy attachment that Winnie has with him. Abby, who we use to refer to as Crabby because of her terrible night crying, is now the poster child for sleeping. Who would have thought that? I hope the other two get better once they get over this latest illness.

Here are the pictures:

His shirt says, "I'm a Big Deal!" on the back. I was trying to get that in the shot.
Abby is just relaxing in this picture. She looks high.

Marie has the iPhone and Abby is biting her to try to get it. They love the iPhone. Someone needs to invent a baby version.

Abby is striking her big, gummy grin here.

This face that Will makes is so funny. It's his fake smile, and he does it just to make everyone laugh.

Here's Will showing off his big man crawl-up on all fours, instead of the army man scoot.

We brought in the baby pool and filled it with balls to make it a ball pit. Thanks, Aunt Liane for the balls and the idea!

Marie is posing in her business casual attire. She had on a button down and skort.

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kmehawkeye said...

love all the happy faces...who would know they have been sick! I hope their coughs get better, maybe winnie will think she has taught them to speak?